Nuvola Introduces StayClean Cleaning and Safety Solutions

MIAMI—In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, hotel optimization and guest engagement software developer Nuvola, based here, has launched the StayClean initiative, which provides hotels with a set of practical technology solutions that streamline cleanliness, hygiene, health and safety standards. The first set of resources, Checklists and Checkpoints, work together as a digital assistant in managing and implementing new cleaning protocols. Both modules are free through the end of this year.

“As a former hotelier, I have an intimate understanding of the day-to-day processes within each hotel department and the various touchpoints this pandemic affects,” said Juan Carlos Abello, founder/CEO of Nuvola. “StayClean is our chance to give back to the industry that has given us so much opportunity.”

He added, “We already have several modules that assist hotels with navigating the guest experience in the new normal such as Guest Chat (SMS Texting) and Nuvola Housekeeping. However, with StayClean, our goal was to create software that is easy to implement; free for the rest of 2020; and solved an immediate problem for hotel staff and their guests.”

Hotels use Checklists by either selecting a pre-existing list of cleaning protocols that Nuvola has created, uploading a list from a certified source or creating a new list within the platform based on specific property needs.

“Staff can also use the checklists for other routine projects outside of cleanliness, like preventive maintenance, room inspections and security walk-throughs,” noted Abello.

Working in tandem with Checklists, Checkpoints provides hotels with a method to track when a room, public space or high-touch objects like handrails, door handles and elevator buttons are cleaned using a contactless QR code.

“With the QR codes, hotel staff can use the mobile-friendly module to manage sanitization methods by ensuring the appropriate cleaning supplies were used and those areas or objects are being cleaned with the proper frequency, such as every 30 minutes, every hour or every day,” said Abello.

The CEO pointed out that once a hotel signs up for StayClean, “our sales or customer success team will reach out to confirm their signup, configure their free account and then provide credentials that come with unlimited users on both desktop and mobile devices.”

When hotel staff members log in, they’ll see their Checklists or Checkpoints schedule and will automatically be notified and reminded through Nuvola’s push, SMS and email-based notification system.

The next addition to StayClean will be an optional feature for guests to see how hotels are keeping safety top of mind, according to Abello.

“Guests will soon be able to access the same Checkpoints QR codes via their smartphone camera to see when each surface area was last cleaned,” he said. “Transparency on what is being done to keep a healthy environment is a key factor in maximizing guests’ confidence and gaining their trust in the new state of travel.”

For hotel staff, a new feature will allow multiple team members to be assigned to each Checklist or Checkpoint. “Many hotel employees are currently managing multiple roles, so this feature is something we see as critical,” said Abello. “Creating a way for several associates to be alerted to a specific task allows the job to be completed in a timelier manner and helps to develop accountability. This new function will produce an easier and more efficient flow of operations.”