Moxy in bloom

Just in time for summer, Moxy Times Square’s iconic Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge has transformed into an all-pink rooftop Rose Garden, complete with more than 10,000 roses, pink rose cocktails and treats.

“To kick off the start of summer and rooftop season, we wanted to welcome our guests in a big way,” said Yvonne Najor, director of marketing, food & beverage, Moxy Hotels. “Our goal was to design the most over-the-top experience that would transport guests to a floral fantasy located in the middle of Manhattan.”

Designed with luscious greenery and blooming pink silk roses of various shades, guests at ‘The Pink Rose Garden’ will be immersed in a pink floral oasis.

“Moxy’s brand color is pink and as part of Magic Hour at Moxy Times Square’s ongoing, pink-themed installations and playing off our recent Pink Winter Lodge theme, we sought out to create the next pink fantasy but with a floral twist,” Najor said. “In an effort to bring this installation to life, we teamed up with Design House Décor, a floral production company who is known for creating some of the most breathtaking floral experiences around the world. We worked together to create playful, over-the-top moments with over 10,000 pink roses and photo opps in every direction.”

The experience will be accompanied by a pink food and beverage menu and can’t miss photo moments to remember with the transformation of the East and West Terraces into picturesque backdrops—picture a carousel wrapped in a custom rose print; the carousel seats will be converted to layered rose swings; walls coated in rose and greenery foliage with floral accent; customized floral steps draped in a trendy ombre pink palette—bunnies dressed in flower crowns and much more. The perfect setting to capture a selfie or group pic.

“Not only is there a photo opportunity in every direction, but this is meant to be an immersive experience for guests to feel like they’ve been transported to a rose garden with jaw-dropping moments throughout the whole venue, as well as delicious food and drink items to enjoy. With the help of our incredibly talented food and beverage team, we created beautiful pink-themed bites for dessert lovers,” Najor said, adding, “Imagine enjoying a rose-shaped meringue cookie on our custom floral print carousel draped with hundreds of pink roses. Or, picture yourself posing with the pinkest cocktail in hand on our ombré staircase, which includes thousands of pink roses and the iconic Empire State Building backdrop. All of these pink colors, photo moments and overall theme really spoke to the idea behind wanting to create this fantasy experience in the middle of Manhattan.”

The display will be running through October.

“New Yorkers love a good rooftop, and with the city now reopening, New Yorkers want to get back out there with friends and experience the city they fell in love with,” Najor said. “Keeping that in mind, that’s why we designed an over-the-top floral installation accompanied with playful beverage items, bites to share with friends, etc. New Yorkers have been accustomed to the same daily work-from-home routine over the last year, and this now gives them a chance to experience a truly awe-inspiring installation that’s perfect for any group size or special occasion.”