Michael Banks reveals Euphoria

Photo Artist Michael Banks has revealed “Euphoria,” a new image series just in time for spring.

“I was keen to go a step beyond regular flower photography,” Banks told InspireDesign. “I used my original nature photography as the base input for these Euphoria images, but my desire was to come up with something that expressed the joy, color and vitality of spring, but with a discernible tech/digital look. Kind of a futuristic vibe. I pushed the digital manipulation of these images alot. I hope they evoke a feeling of future and beauty.”

The series will work particularly well in hotels, Banks explained, as hotels are rapidly incorporating the newest technology into their environments, from automatic, contactless check-in, digital keys, biometrics, and the list goes on.

“Our lives are becoming more tech-orientated on practically a daily basis and I hope that this ‘look’ of artwork will complement the tech aspect of a hotel stay and blend better to create a seamless space based on this sensation
and cultural zeitgeist,” Banks said.
Although blindsided by COVID like the rest of the industry, Banks finally believes there is a feeling that it is behind us.
“I believe there’s a lot of pent-up desire on the part of interior designers to get back to ‘pushing the envelope’ and producing exciting and almost ‘fantasy-like’ spaces, so we can return to the idea of hotels being radically different from the ‘real world,'” he said. “I believe that talent and creativity in design will always prevail and that perhaps every hotel has the potential to become its own unique Metaverse.”