Marriott partners with EV Connect

With 14 million electric vehicles (EVs) expected to be on the road by the end of this year, providing charging infrastructure has become a priority for the hospitality industry. To serve this demand, EV Connect has reached an agreement with Marriott International to simplify EV charging for its properties and guests.

With EV Connect, Marriott properties will have a turnkey solution to add and manage EV charging stations through the EV Connect platform. This is the first agreement of this type for Marriott and ensures that participating locations can provide reliable charging infrastructure at locations within the U.S. and Canada.

“As the world shifts towards sustainable energy and clean transportation, hotels and resorts that provide charging facilities for EVs can attract guests who prioritize sustainability and carbon-neutral travel,” said Ram Ambatipudi, SVP, business development, EV Connect. “This collaboration between EV Connect and Marriott marks a major advancement of the EV market’s expansion, and it has significant implications for the hospitality sector as a whole.”

Marriott properties will have the ability to choose the charging hardware deployed on the open platform, allowing them to scale EV charging needs for the needs of individual locations. With EV Connect Shield, a comprehensive parts and labor warranty plan, Marriott property owners will know that critical operational and maintenance tasks are performed by qualified personnel, including charging station repair, software support and fieldwork labor, from resolving minor technical issues to parts sourcing and replacement service.

“Our guests increasingly expect EV charging stations at our properties, and this collaboration will help us meet rapidly evolving consumer demand and further the company’s sustainability goals,” said Andrew Bodziak, SVP, global operations, Marriott International. “With EV Connect, we can offer properties an end-to-end turnkey service, simplifying the planning, installation and maintenance processes, while simultaneously delivering high-quality service our guests expect.”