Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort Intros Fitness Opportunities

HOLLYWOOD, FL—Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort is making working out not only about health, but also about happiness. Seven different fitness classes are in progress at the resort, both in the hotel’s St. Somewhere Spa and even on the beach.

Classes range from traditional mat Pilates and Zumba, to reinvented classics like a free guided 5K run, beach boot camp and even beer yoga.

“We had two main areas of focus—fun and diversity. We wanted to ensure each class offers a different type of training to cater to our guests’ and locals’ preference,” said Joanie Bowden, director of spa and recreation. “Whether participants are dancing off calories with Zumba, strengthening their core with Pilates or getting cardio in during our beach boot camp, there’s something for everyone.”

Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort
Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort

While many workout classes may seem intimidating to some, especially for beginners, Margaritaville hopes to make the experience one that guests and locals alike can enjoy with ease. Some of the more unique classes like beer yoga are aimed to make people feel comfortable and bring a social element to classes.

“Keeping workouts fun was at the forefront of our minds when creating our new fitness classes—and beer yoga is, of course, no exception! We want our classes to feel accessible to everyone,” she said.

Margaritaville is also taking advantage of its location on Hollywood Beach as inspiration for its reimagined classes. At the beachfront classes like Beach Boot Camp and Beach Yoga, guests and the general public can enjoy the local landscape while working on their health. The free 5K Guided Run also offers an outdoor experience. Runners can enjoy a moderately paced 5K along the shore while taking in the scenery.

This balance of mind and body was no coincidence at the resort. “The new fitness classes at Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort are intended to help master the art of balance. Our guests can start off their morning with Pilates and finish the night dancing to live music, while they sip a signature margarita at one of our venues. What more could you ask for?” she said.

Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort
Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort

According to Bowden, the hotel wanted to bring something to the Hollywood Beach market that has never been seen before. The unique and outdoor class opportunities present a refreshing way for locals to stay fit in their own backyards and a relaxing way for tourists to get a workout in on vacation.  Adding to the class diversity, the fee for classes is just $12 and, along with the free 5K, participants can enjoy a $25 discount off post-run spa services at the St. Somewhere Spa.

“Our resort is all about escaping the everyday. For each person, that means something different. For some, it’s sitting on the beach with a margarita in hand. For others, it’s getting a good sweat on at boot camp, or finding their zen through yoga,” she said. “Our goal is to offer a variety of options to our guests and neighbors, inviting them to live life to the fullest each day, in whatever way resonates most with them.”