Magnuson Independent Collection reports 10x industry average RevPAR

Magnuson Hotels reported a 77.83% growth in RevPAR since pre-pandemic (2019) for the Independent Collection. This represents 10 times the U.S. industry average of 7.6% as reported by STR.

Speaking about the drivers behind this performance, Thomas Magnuson, CEO, Magnuson Hotels, said that this is a direct result of the company’s unique OTA-alternative distribution strategy designed for enhancing occupancy levels as well as its Fair Franchising policies that ensure owners retain a higher percentage of revenue.

“Magnuson’s Fair Franchising efforts are translating into higher RevPARs for hotels, as owners are able to renovate according to their plans and market characteristics, choose their own suppliers rather than purchase through franchisors at inflated costs,” he said. “Looking ahead, we will continue to book rooms with our unique OTA-alternative strategy that targets essential worker groups such as construction, medical, and local industrial segments, all 52 weeks a year.”

Idaho-based Kim Van Der Kolk, co-owner, Dodge Peak Lodge, echoes this sentiment by adding, “Magnuson Hotels team has guided me to achieve revenue that I didn’t think was possible, especially in the slow season with their creative revenue and pricing strategies. I know that the growth of my business is just as important to them.”

“Our number one goal is to maximize revenue potential for our owners, so they can exceed guest expectations,” said Magnuson. “And we do this without tying them to unethical and exploitative practices of Property Improvement Plans (PIPs) or mandatory procurement contracts, saving them thousands of dollars every year. Since its inception in 2003, Magnuson Hotels has been a Fair Franchising brand and that is truly the defining factor for our shared success.”

Sanjay Patel, owner, Magnuson Hotel Wildwood Inn, which has been affiliated with the company since 2018, added, “Magnuson Hotels team understands the owner perspective very well. Their fee structure and No-PIP policy ensure I don’t have to sacrifice my profits in the name of standardization. I appreciate their commitment to fair franchising especially in today’s highly competitive environment when some of the big franchise brands continue to distance themselves from this discourse.”