Magnuson Hotels Adds 62 Hotels to New Soft Brand Collection

SPOKANE, WA—Magnuson Hotels has added 62 hotels in the last six months of 2018 to its new “By Magnuson Worldwide” soft brand collection, an extension of its growing line of hotel brands.

The “By Magnuson Worldwide” tagline will be added to a select group of independent hotels within the Magnuson Hotels portfolio. The largest areas of growth have been in Tennessee, Texas, Oregon and North Carolina.

Magnuson’s global expansion continues on the back of a chainwide occupancy increase of eight percentage points across its branded and soft brand portfolios for the last six months of 2018, an increase outperforming the U.S. 0.4% occupancy growth rate by more than 20 times.

Driving the revenue increase was the launch in May 2018 of Magnuson Direct, Magnuson’s long planned direct distribution/hotel management platform, which compresses the traditional distribution supply chain by connecting its member hotels directly to all global hotel booking channels via a cloud-based platform that combines hotel PMS, channel manager, with automated room pricing tools and direct connects to all worldwide channels.

Among the hotels added to the collection are the Atelier Boutique Hotel in Humble, TX, the Best Travel Inn  in Phillipsburg, PA, and the Green Valley Motel in Winston-Salem, NC.