Maestro unveils 2024 tech roadmap

Hotel technology provider Maestro has unveiled its roadmap of technology innovations the company is planning to launch this year.

“Hoteliers are telling us they are looking for newer ways to increase loyalty among guests and employees this year,” said Warren Dehan, president, Maestro. “Mobile tools, such as check-in/out, digital room keys, digital concierge services, workflow automation, digital payments and even robotics are positively impacting loyalty in many ways. That’s why at Maestro, we are continually enhancing our solutions to remove friction along the guest journey and empower staff to act and be rewarded for jobs well done. From enhanced payment security and a fully rewritten AI-powered booking engine to an AI chat concierge and robotic process information, Maestro is driving innovation and taking loyalty to new heights.”

Embedded payments

Digital payments are trending and transforming the way guests are engaging with services and settling transactions. As the hospitality industry migrates to a digital environment, embedded payment technology—or integrating payment processing capabilities directly into various devices or systems, such as the PMS, mobile apps or self-service kiosks—will enable seamless and convenient payment experiences for guests.

“Maestro will be introducing an embedded payments solution in Q2 that simplifies implementation, takes Maestro out of payment card industry (PCI) compliance scope and moves payments support directly to the Maestro team,” Dehan said. “We believe this new solution will enable our clients to thrive in a competitive market landscape.”

AI-powered chatbots & booking engine

According to Maestro, AI is poised to revolutionize the hotel booking engine process, offering enhanced personalization, efficiency and customer satisfaction. AI-powered algorithms can analyze vast amounts of data, including user preferences, booking history and market trends, to provide tailored recommendations and customized experiences for guests. This level of personalization not only improves user satisfaction and loyalty, but it increases conversion rates and revenue for hotels.

AI algorithms can also optimize pricing strategies dynamically based on factors such as demand fluctuations, competitor pricing and historical data analysis, ensuring hotels maximize profitability while remaining competitive in the market. Furthermore, AI can facilitate predictive analytics to forecast demand patterns accurately, allowing hotels to allocate resources efficiently and optimize inventory management. This proactive approach minimizes the risk of overbooking or underutilization of rooms, ultimately improving revenue management and operational efficiency.

“Maestro PMS is developing an AI-driven chatbot that can streamline the booking process by providing instant responses to inquiries, assisting with reservations and addressing customer concerns in real-time, thus enhancing efficiency and reducing operational costs,” Dehan said. “We are also developing AI integration into the hotel booking engine process to elevate customer experiences, optimize operations, and drive revenue growth, positioning hotels for success in an increasingly competitive industry landscape.”

Overall, an AI-powered booking engine can offer personalized experiences, optimize pricing strategies, streamline operations and enhance customer service, ultimately driving revenue growth and competitive advantage in the travel industry. For example, the new version of the Maestro PMS booking engine can make suggestions on room selection or upsell amenities based on type of room, length of stay and the types of amenities and experiences guests prefer.

Mobile housekeeping, theme gift cards and more

As part of its 2024 roadmap, Maestro will also introduce new mobile tools for housekeeping designed to improve the employee experience and boost loyalty in this department. Enhancements to its digital gift card program will also be revealed, including offering new “themed” options that enable hotels to customize gift card designs by holiday, promotion or location.