Life Fitness Intros On-Demand Workout Classes

ROSEMONT, IL—Fitness buffs and road warriors alike can get their heart pumping day or night with a new on-demand offering from Life Fitness, which provides a digital library of digital classes available exclusively on the touchscreens of Life Fitness premium cardio products. With just a touch of the screen, guests will receive motivation and expertise from top trainers.

“The mission of Life Fitness is to inspire healthier lives,” said Arturo Gutierrez, product director and head instructor, Life Fitness On Demand. “We help health clubs, hotels and athletic facilities enhance the workout experience of their members and guests to keep them coming back. Exercisers today want more guidance and motivation in their workouts, especially when doing cardio. Life Fitness On Demand allows exercisers of all levels to take on-demand, instructor-led classes on our full line of premium cardio equipment.”

With the debut of Life Fitness On Demand, the company reports that it is the first fitness equipment manufacturer to create digital programming for an entire line of commercial cardio equipment. The digital library includes on-demand classes available on treadmills, ellipticals, climbers, cross-trainers and exercise bikes.

“Our top priority is to improve the workout experience and help exercisers reach their personal fitness goals,” said Gutierrez. “We are accomplishing this by providing health and wellness facilities with cutting-edge products and digital content. Life Fitness On Demand will transform the cardio experience. Our classes are led by engaging and motivating instructors who will guide exercisers through new and dynamic ways to use our equipment—creating a fun, efficient workout.”

Life Fitness On Demand is available to all hotels that have Life Fitness premium cardio equipment—including treadmills, ellipticals, climbers, cross-trainers and exercise bikes—that are equipped with the Discover SE3 HD touchscreen.

“All the facility needs is a quick and easy update to the latest software and a strong internet connection,” he said. “There is no login or subscription required, so guests can easily navigate our intuitive new library to choose classes that range in format, duration, intensity, music and coaching styles. Guests should also connect their headphones (wired or wireless) before beginning a class to hear instructor cues and listen to curated playlists with today’s top songs.”

Life Fitness is an approved vendor for some of the largest global brands, including Marriott, Hilton, IHG, Radisson and Hyatt.

“We are thrilled to offer hotel guests motivating, on-demand classes while they travel, and we anticipate positive feedback as the platform becomes available domestically this year and internationally starting in 2020,” he said.

Gutierrez and his team witnessed an increasing shift with exercisers demanding digital content, as on-demand workouts with motivating instructors have now become popular. This shift has also driven the desire for more instructor-led classes in health clubs.

“We designed Life Fitness On Demand so that our customers can provide their members and guests with the on-demand coaching they want, whenever they want it, and wherever they are—in clubs, hotels, athletic centers and fitness facilities around the world,” he said. “With Life Fitness On Demand, we are creating compelling and motivating content to give exercisers access to on-demand, studio-style classes on a wide variety of cardio equipment. We are the first fitness equipment manufacturer to bring this experience across multiple products—treadmills, ellipticals, climbers, cross-trainers and exercise bikes. As the market leader, it’s important for us to continue to deliver products that create great experiences for exercisers and to help facilities retain their customers and, ultimately, be more successful.”