LebaTex and Seaqual Initiative launch collection to support the oceans

LebaTex will introduce its Tidal collection at this year’s HD Expo in Las Vegas. Beyond its designs, this line of upholstery fabrics embodies LebaTex’s commitment to sustainability, particularly in championing ocean conservation.

In collaboration with Seaqual Initiative, a force in marine litter recovery, Tidal is an artfully curated ensemble of upholstery fabrics, where each thread weaves a story of profound love for the ocean. Crafted with Seaqual Yarn, each of the six distinct designs reflects the depths and beauty of the ocean, encapsulating the essence of marine life while safeguarding it. The innovative Seaqual Yarn is crafted from marine plastic sourced from beaches, oceans, rivers and estuaries.

What sets the Tidal collection apart is its powerful message that you don’t need to sacrifice design, performance or budget when opting for eco-friendly products. LebaTex has blended aesthetics, functionality and affordability into each valuable fabric, proving that sustainable choices can be both stylish and accessible.

LebaTex will present the Tidal collection at HD Expo 2024, located at booth 5231. Industry professionals and design enthusiasts attending the expo will have the opportunity to delve into the allure of Tidal, witnessing firsthand how LebaTex is making a splash in the realm of eco-friendly design.