Island Hospitality Management introduces IHM Outdoors

Island Hospitality Management has launched IHM Outdoors, marking the inception of a dedicated division focused exclusively on outdoor and resort hospitality. This encompasses RV resorts, vacation rentals, glamping and other outdoor hospitality options.

The formal unveiling of the division follows the transition of five RV resorts to IHM Outdoors management. The properties contain approximately 2,000 sites and are located in Chula Vista, CA; Paso Robles, CA.; Santa Claus, IN; Larkspur, CO; and North Java, NY.

“Outdoor hospitality is the fastest-growing segment in the hospitality industry,” said Gregg Forde, president/COO, Island Hospitality. “We have built a dedicated division for outdoor hospitality that capitalizes on IHM’s 35-year experience. We have seen how our long-standing experience in the hotel business has worked to the owner’s advantage once again as we apply proven principles of sales and revenue management together with our implementation of strict cost controls and operational efficiencies we have utilized for years.”

Today, the outdoor hospitality industry sees the majority of privately held properties owned and operated by smaller, single resort owners presenting a substantial opportunity for consolidation and institutionalization in the years to come, providing substantial growth opportunities for IHM Outdoors, according to the company.

Drew Allison, EVP, operations, Island Hospitality, who played a pivotal role in IHM Outdoors’ development, said, “IHM Outdoors is led by a dedicated team exclusively focused on this new venture, utilizing their expertise to seamlessly integrate with our existing infrastructure, delivering results that mirror our best-in-class performance at Island Hospitality.”

With a specialized team covering operations, human resources, accounting, revenue management and sales, Allison noted, “We are well-positioned for success with this new division, having filled key leadership roles with internal candidates from Island Hospitality, ensuring a swift ramp-up and consistent delivery of outstanding performance.”

Hayden Schlosser,VP, operations for the IHM Outdoors portfolio, said, “Everything from campfire cookouts and fully operational water park experiences to luxurious weekend getaway packages can be achieved on-site. COVID-era restrictions drove a new clientele into the outdoor hospitality and recreation space, and the focus has been keeping those families and elevating their experience with each successive visit.”

He continued, “The rise of outdoor adventure has helped shift focus to ensure we are providing top-of-the-line amenities with a laid-back atmosphere and a sense of community. Whether it is creating coworking spaces for our extended-stay guests, having activities planned every hour or operating hay rides each evening, it all comes down to creating a community within the resort. It has been an amazing opportunity in our first year in outdoor hospitality, and I am excited to continue to grow this segment for Island Hospitality.”