Hyper Nimbus launches AI-powered HMS

Silicon Valley-backed Hyper Nimbus has introduced its fully integrated, AI-powered hospitality management solution.

Designed to unify fragmented hospitality systems into a single, AI-driven platform, Hyper Nimbus streamlines hotel operations by activating built-for-purpose proprietary machine learning algorithms for revenue optimization, sales and marketing, guest intelligence and operations, according to the company.

Hyper Nimbus delivers four capabilities to transform legacy hotel technology stacks:

  • Predictive pricing: Driven by proprietary algorithms, Hyper Nimbus provides dynamic pricing and forecasting to maximize occupancy and rates based on real-time market factors and localized context.
  • Sales & revenue: Hyper Nimbus connects with existing revenue management and tracking systems utilized by hotels to evaluate sales performance across each channel. Their proprietary technology will recommend sales growth strategies across each channel and segmentation to maximize revenue.
  • Guest intelligence: Hyper Nimbus conducts near real-time analysis of guest feedback across internal and external feedback channels. By detecting emerging trends and opportunities across guest comments, the platform identifies areas needing improvement—from housekeeping issues to food and beverage complaints—and directs these directly to department leaders so they can take targeted action to exceed guest expectations.
  • Smart concierge: Hyper Nimbus uses conversational agents to provide guests with 24/7 support. The Smart Concierge intelligently parses, coordinates and assigns requests—whether for room service, maintenance issues or special amenities—ensuring rapid resolution. By automatically managing routine guest inquiries, the AI system maximizes team efficiency and allows staff to focus purely on high-value customer interactions.

Hyper Nimbus was cofounded by hospitality veteran Vaughn Davis. Davis, who serves as CEO, has more than a decade of leadership in luxury lifestyle hotels and was an early adopter of AI within the hotel space. As managing director of Dream Hollywood, Davis introduced robotic concierges and tapped artificial intelligence to assist with revenue, sales & marketing and SOP strategies.

X. Eyeé, cofounder/chief technology, brings 17 years of technical experience, serving as an engineering leader, product manager and published AI researcher for companies like Microsoft, and Google, as well as the Department of Defense. At Microsoft, Eyeé worked on cutting-edge Ambient Intelligence solutions that combined blockchain, AI and IoT for Fortune 500 companies globally. At Google, they worked across all of Google’s AI products & research to ensure they were built responsibly & ethically. Eyeé created novel research teams, including the Skin Tone team, which developed techniques to improve AI’s ability to recognize diverse skin tones.

“As we unveil Hyper Nimbus, we’re not just introducing a new technology; we’re opening a gateway to the future of hospitality,” said Davis. “Our AI-driven platform is designed to transform the very essence of hotel management, making unprecedented levels of personalization, efficiency and profitability accessible. We believe that Hyper Nimbus will empower hotels to not only meet the evolving expectations of their guests but to exceed them, setting new standards for excellence in the industry.”

Hyper Nimbus will launch its experience management technology at Coachella this year. This AI-powered platform will offer personalized schedules, real-time event updates and seamless integration with festival services.

On Hyper Nimbus’ focus on ethical AI development, Eyeé said, “We take great care to instill reliability and accountability across our AI systems. At Hyper Nimbus, we are setting a new standard for not just AI performance in hospitality, but also safety.”