Hotelier Technology Sentiment Report released

Stayntouch, a provider of guest-centric hotel property management systems (PMS) and contactless technology, has released the 2022 Hotelier Technology Sentiment Report in partnership with graduate students at NYU School of Professional Studies Tisch Center of Hospitality. The report captures comprehensive insights and sentiments from more than 500 hoteliers across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, representing independent and branded hotels. The graduate students conducted extensive surveys and qualitative interviews to understand hotelier thoughts and opinions surrounding technology use in a changing hospitality landscape.

The report represents a significant milestone in Stayntouch’s broader partnership with the NYUSPS’ Tisch Center, in which Stayntouch contributes to continuing research on emerging trends in hospitality technology, while providing Tisch Center students and faculty with hands-on access to its cloud PMS and guest-facing solutions.

The 2022 Hotelier Technology Sentiment Report reveals hotelier sentiments about emerging technologies and takes a pulse on trends in both hotel operations and the guest experience. It focused on a range of issues including the evolution and necessity of digital technology in hospitality to combat challenges brought upon by the pandemic, the longevity of self-service technology, the use of technology to empower a limited hotel staff and technology’s role in streamlining processes and guest personalization. The report also uncovered a number of key takeaways which shed light on the hospitality industry’s relationship with technology:

  • The number of hotels using popular technology (including self-service check-in, in-room technology, automation and chatbots) increased by 31% throughout the pandemic. This number is projected to increase by an additional 19% in 2022.
  • 92% of respondents indicated increased acceptance of contactless technology by their guests, and nearly
  • 75% of respondents believe that contactless tech will become a long-term trend.
  • 43.6% of respondents indicated that their front-desk department was the most capable of operating with a smaller staff, followed by sales & marketing (38.5%).

“The Tisch Center is proud that its graduate students are at the forefront of researching and understanding the technology trends in the hospitality industry,” said Vanja Bogicevic, clinical assistant professor/director, the HI Hub Experiential Learning Lab, NYUSPS’s Tisch Center of Hospitality. “By collaborating with Stayntouch on such a timely topic, our students identified strategic priorities that hoteliers will need to consider when redesigning guest-centric experiences. Student-led research projects such as this one strengthen the mission of the HI Hub in growing the future hospitality leaders.”

Commenting on the report’s release, Michael Heflin, chief revenue officer, Stayntouch, said, “Technology has played a pivotal role in helping hotels streamline their operations and deliver a more personalized guest experience. We are proud to have partnered with graduate students at the NYUSPS’ Tisch Center of Hospitality to commission a study on a topic that is critical to the future of the industry. These dedicated students have produced a study that not only delivers insight into the emerging tech trends within the hospitality landscape, but uncovers sentiments that will influence how the industry utilizes technology to enhance the guest and staff experience in the coming years.”

To download the report, click HERE.