Hotel Business Conference Survey

Survey says… Conference and trade show travel will look different

Would you attend an industry conference or trade show now? Recently, Hotel Business conducted an online survey, and more than 850 industry professionals responded, offering their insight on the question. As the industry copes with the COVID-19 outbreak, news about conferences and trade shows changes by the minute. Show cancellations, postponements and new procedures and protocols are all in play. But what’s on the minds of industry leaders as hospitality navigates this uncertain time?

This survey asked participants their thoughts about returning to these types of events, how they would feel most comfortable attending and what they expect for the future of travel and virtual events. The findings indicated that most of the respondents don’t feel comfortable attending an industry event until next year. Although the survey results indicated that most of the respondents would comply with safety protocols such as wearing a mask, social distancing and agreeing to temperature checks, most believed that business this year wouldn’t warrant an event.

Based on the results, it’s unlikely that 2020 will be the year for air travel and industry events; however, respondents would like the option of being able to livestream an event from their home or office. And, once these in-person events do resume, respondents indicated that they will continue to seek out industry information through virtual panels and conferences.

Hotel Business asked industry leaders their thoughts on these findings, and to analyze the results. Following is some insight into what we can expect for the future of events.