Hospitality Lodging Systems Added 14 Properties in 2018

NATIONAL REPORT—Atlanta-based Hospitality Lodging Systems (HLS) continued its steady growth in 2018, finishing the year with 60 properties operating under three brands, which is an increase of 14 properties over 2018.

The HLS portfolio consists of 38 Budgetel properties that together have 3,678 rooms; 14 AmeriVu properties that together have 775 rooms; and eight Haven Hotel properties that together have 546 rooms.

This represents a growth of 14% for Budgetel during 2018; 80% for AmeriVu; and 13% for the Haven Hotel brand. Under development and expected to open during the first quarter of 2019 are three Budgetel, two AmeriVu, and two Haven Hotel properties.

“Owners are attracted to our brands by proven results, responsive service and fewer mandated amenities,” said Doug Collins, chairman and CEO of HLS. “For example, currently important to many owners is the freedom to choose their own front desk system, a decision they retain with us.”

Collins expects the HLS portfolio to achieve a growth rate of 30% in 2019 with the opening of about 18 properties.

“It’s human nature to want the best deal in everything we buy, which is why owners like our contract benefits, such as lower monthly fees, more profitable internet reservations and an annual exit opportunity,” said Collins.

HLS began operating in November of 2014 with the Budgetel brand, adding Haven Hotel in December of 2014 and AmeriVu Inn & Suites in March of 2016.