HHM debuts Echelon Luxury & Lifestyle

HHM Hotels has launched Echelon Luxury & Lifestyle, a newly formed business division for independent hotels and independent-inspired brands. Of the 240 hotels managed by HHM Hotels, Echelon represents 50-plus hotels and resorts across the country.

“Echelon Luxury & Lifestyle showcases the refined business capabilities that we have offered as a management company in the independent space for 15-plus years,” said Naveen Kakarla, president/CEO, HHM Hotels. “With the growing popularity of independent hotels and resorts, we provide travelers with a more unique experience, while focusing on business development for owners and investors.”

Notable independent brands within Echelon’s portfolio include The Rittenhouse in Philadelphia, The Joule in Dallas, The Envoy Hotel in Boston and Sanctuary Beach Resort in Monterey Bay, CA.

Echelon is centered around a suite of highly experienced creative divisions and in-house studios. The Culinary Studio by Echelon develops 360-degree food-and-beverage programs, while its Creative Studio develops full-service creative and branding services including messaging for style guides, photography and OS&E sourcing and development.

“We deliver investor returns while still focusing on innovation and flexibility,” said Kakarla. “Our dedicated team of experienced operators, marketing professionals and project management teams provide a full spectrum of services. They’re fully focused on value-creation while pushing excellence in the independent space.”