HB on the Scene at Cyber HITEC: Nomadix Reveals New Suite of Hotel Offerings

LOS ANGELES—Nomadix Inc. has debuted a new suite of cost-effective hotel solutions, including casting, cloud PBX and a mobile guest app at Cyber HITEC.

“Nomadix recently announced several new products, including Nomadix Casting and Nomadix PBX; These two products, in particular, are driven by both guest experience and hoteliers’ needs,” said Ted Helvey, CEO, Nomadix. “Guests want to watch their own content when they travel and want to do so seamlessly. Nomadix Casting lets guests do just that and can even save hotels money by replacing less popular content options for which the hotel is paying or expensive Pay-Per-View systems which have lost their popularity. With Nomadix PBX, we can save hoteliers money every month by replacing outdated equipment and moving functionality to the cloud. Our PBX solution enables what today’s guests actually want, which is to make calls to the front desk, other rooms and have access to the most current emergency dialing features.”

Nomadix Casting: Enables guests to cast their preferred shows and other content from Netflix, Hulu, Spotify and thousands of other popular streaming apps from their mobile devices onto the in-room TVs. It eliminates the need to touch the remote, the inconvenience of remembering passwords and the security concerns of logging into public devices. When combined with Nomadix gateways, the connection is automatic.

Nomadix Cloud PBX: Reliable, cost-effective cloud telephony service for hotels that meets the latest emergency calling requirements. Compatible with most SIP/IP phones on the market, Nomadix also offers IP phones with options such as built-in WiFi, LED screens and headsets to meet the needs of the hotel. Angie guestroom devices are also offered as in-room phones through our partnership with Angie Hospitality.

“These new products come at a good time for hotels. The industry is looking for ways to save on the bottom line while occupancy rates are historically low. Hoteliers always feel the pressures of rising guest expectations and a very competitive environment, leaving little available budget to enhance the guest experience. By offering simpler solutions that ride on top of the IP networks in which the hotels have already invested, Nomadix leverages its decades of expertise and extensive global footprint to offer additional ‘layered’ services in a modern and cost-effective way,” Helvey said.

He added, “For example, Nomadix Casting can be installed for a fraction of the cost and complexity of a traditional IPTV solution, yet it provides the guest the content they want rather than something procured and paid for by the hotel or its partners. Nomadix also leverages its WiFi authentication capabilities to automatically pair the guest device with the TV in their room, a traditional barrier to guest usage and satisfaction in other casting solutions.”

Nomadix Guest App: Personalized guest experience, touchless guest interactions and eliminated contact points that increase guest engagement, customer retention and incremental revenue. Offers check-in/checkout, hotel information, room control, mobile keys and concierge chat to provide a seamless branded experience from pre-arrival to checkout.

Nomadix Gateway Family: The hospitality industry standard for more than two decades, Nomadix gateways are found in tens of thousands of properties supporting millions of rooms around the world. Powered by innovative, patented technology, Nomadix’s family of internet access gateways is designed with reliability and scalability in mind to accommodate small, medium and large-sized venues. The EG 3000, EG 3000L and EG 6000 gateways provide seamless authentication and connectivity for guests and offer unmatched bandwidth management, authentication and customized landing pages for visitor-based networks.

“As more people ‘cut the cord’ and stream their own content at home, the preference of today’s traveler to access this same content while traveling has significantly increased,” Helvey said.”They want to watch their own content by casting it directly to the hotel TV, whether it’s to watch the latest Netflix episode, to workout, listen to music, or stream a business training video.”

“With the wide adoption of mobile phones, guest usage of in-room phones has significantly decreased. However, hotels are still required to provide emergency calling options with high sound quality and location information to ensure guest safety in each hotel room. Nomadix offers a reliable, cloud PBX service at a fraction of the price of traditional solutions and is fully compatible with all U.S. and Canadian emergency requirements.”

Hotel Portal: Management and controls for properties and managed service providers (MSPs) that can be branded with the same look and feel as other MSP solutions or the hotel’s brand. It offers guest onboarding, authentication, bandwidth management, network management, reporting, ticketing and a conference room scheduler.

“COVID-19 is forcing guests to minimize their direct interactions with other people, however, hotels still want to provide a personalized experience to their guests while recognizing the need to remove touchpoints,” he said. “Adoption of technologies like the Nomadix Mobile guest app allows hotels to continue to provide a personalized stay while removing those touchpoints by supporting check-in/out, mobile key, room control capabilities and more, all from within the app. Angie Hospitality by Nomadix also offers voice interactions that reduce the need to direct staff interactions, but provide a high-level of perceived service all while allowing the staff to leverage their efforts.”