HB Exclusive: Thayer Ventures 2022 Annual Meeting draws more than 200 CEOs

Thayer Ventures, a venture capital firm focused specifically on technology innovation in travel and mobility, brought together C-suite leaders, investors, founders, policy visionaries and economists for a daylong discussion of the future in travel and mobility—including a review of current monetary and fiscal challenges, the accelerated convergence of lifestyle preferences and investment opportunities across hospitality real estate segments, and wide-ranging discussions of climate, sustainability and the potential promise and perils of the metaverse.

Lee Pillsbury, Thayer’s founding partner, welcomed attendees to the event by highlighting short-term fiscal and policy challenges, urging at the same time that “the long-term future is bright and the seeds of great returns are being planted” by investors in attendance.

Mark Hoplamazian, president/CEO, Hyatt, delivered the meeting’s keynote address. “At Hyatt, everything we do is grounded in data and listening, which is why an organization like Thayer Ventures is so important to us,” he told attendees. “Thayer Ventures consistently connects leading innovators, disruptors and decision-makers in travel, and we’re proud to support their work in addressing the industry’s technology needs and priorities.”

Thayer Ventures portfolio companies in attendance included BookingPal, Canary Technologies, Mews Systems, Optii Systems, Redeam Inc., Traxo, TRIPBAM and Uplift.

“In the current environment, many of the industry’s leading brands have become partners and co-investors with Thayer Ventures, and we’re proud to have brought them face to face with the disruptors who are pushing the boundaries of innovation,” said Chris Hemmeter, managing director, Thayer Ventures. “Thanks to everyone who participated in today’s discussion, including Thayer Ventures portfolio companies who are driving the future of innovation in travel and nobility.”

In line with its sole focus on travel and mobility technologies, Thayer Ventures supports its capital investments with a uniquely deep network of decision makers to help capture proprietary deal flow, offer portfolio companies unmatched tactical and strategic value and drive investor returns, the company reports  Many of its early stage investments have been the beneficiaries of this approach, and have either engineered profitable exits or built sustainable businesses that position them for continued growth and market leadership.

“Now as never before in our ten-year history, Thayer Ventures finds itself at the cusp of innovation in travel, mobility and the shape of the technology infrastructure that will drive both in the years ahead,” said Mark Farrell, managing partner, Thayer Ventures. “We’re deeply grateful to our investors, partners and attendees for making this year’s annual meeting the most robust ever. We look forward to 2023 as a time of continued innovation and growth across our industries.”