HB Exclusive: EFA curates collection for Kimpton Hotel Monaco Salt Lake City

Eaton Fine Art (EFA), a full-service art consultancy firm, has revealed its collaboration with Los Angeles-based design firm, beleco for the curated art collection for Kimpton Hotel Monaco Salt Lake City’s 225 guestrooms. Under the ownership of Xenia Hotels & Resorts, the recently renovated property reopened in late summer 2023, offering a renewed and artfully enhanced guest experience.

Taking cues from the scenic beauty of Salt Lake City’s natural landscapes, Eaton Fine Art meticulously curated an art collection that mirrors the natural environment.

“Looking to pay homage to Salt Lake City’s Wasatch Mountains and native Utah flora and fauna, our team collaborated closely with several local artists,” said Meredith Burwell, director, projects, Eaton Fine Art. “This collaboration has brought forth a collection that not only enhances the aesthetic of the guestrooms but further engulfs guests with the natural beauty that surrounds Kimpton Hotel Monaco Salt Lake City.”

Within the guestrooms, the Eaton Fine Art team incorporated a blend of bold printmaking and traditional paintings, skillfully capturing nature in both subject matter and texture. By doing so the team was able to create a true sense of place encompassing a down-to-earth sophistication while incorporating hard edges reflective of the city and its mountains. The variations in color, tone and mark-making evoke the organic flow of nature surrounding Kimpton Hotel Monaco Salt Lake City while encapsulating the essence of the city’s unique landscape and contributing to a truly immersive guest experience.

One of the key art pieces found within the guestrooms is the intricate woodcut print. This piece features the local Nuthatch bird amidst a backdrop of vibrant maple leaves, beckoning guests to witness the dynamic life unfolding just beyond the hotel’s entrance. Elevating the ambiance further, the captivating landscape pieces above the sofa and beds, crafted by a skilled Utah-based artist, vividly capture the rich textures and hues of the nearby mountains, seamlessly reflecting the ever-changing beauty of each passing season.

To sustain curiosity within the guestrooms, the Eaton Fine Art team blended juxtaposed art pieces. This includes direct representations of nature alongside more abstract expressions. The resulting art collection allows guests to embark on a visual journey where the meticulous lines of majestic mountains, delicate botanical shapes and soothing wood grain textures converge with a captivating color palette. This artistic ensemble not only provides a retreat from city life but serves as a poignant reminder of the awe-inspiring natural wonders that embrace the lively cultural hub of Salt Lake City.

Both EFA and beleco are certified as LGBTBE companies—majority-owned and operated by individuals who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Photography: Saul Flores