HB Exclusive: Davidson partners with eTip

Davidson Hospitality Group has designated eTip, a digital tipping and financial benefits platform tailored to service sector businesses, as a digital tipping partner.

“At Davidson, one of our core values is to create value in all that we do and adopting eTip’s solution does exactly that,” said Thom Geshay, CEO/president, Davidson Hospitality Group. “We are excited to leverage innovative technology that adapts seamlessly to the evolving needs of our guests, team members and ownership partners.”

eTip doesn’t require a mobile app download or login credentials. Guests simply scan a QR code using the camera on their mobile phone, tap the banner on their screen and then tip using their preferred payment method. eTip also offers “tap to tip,” allowing guests to pay through an NFC-enabled QR code.

“We look forward to this new era of using technology to redefine hospitality,” said Nicolas Cassis, cofounder/CEO, eTip. “Together with Davidson Hospitality Group, we’re setting the stage to empower guests to show even more appreciation for excellent service, while also empowering hotel staff to experience greater security and convenience for the tips they receive.”