Häfele America Seeks to Grow Market Share with Corserva

ARCHDALE, NC—“In today’s connected world where hotel guests have raised expectations, hoteliers are seeking products that provide a superior experience that picks up where the guest’s automated home and office environment experience left off,” said Paul K. Smith, president/CEO, Häfele America Co.

With that in mind, Häfele America Co. tapped Corserva, a managed IT services company providing nationwide procurement and installation services, as a value-added reseller. Häfele’s Dialock access control system will be sold, implemented and supported by Corserva into hospitality markets.

“The partnership brings a proven industry technology provider in Corserva together with Häfele, a premium, German-quality hardware provider,” said Smith. “This marriage means hoteliers will be able to leverage all the strengths of both companies in their continuing efforts to build a better guest experience.”

Häfele Dialock DT 750
Häfele Dialock DT 750

“We believe advanced electronic access systems are the key to integration of all systems within a guestroom and throughout a property,” said Camilo Soto, CEO, Corserva. “By connecting door locks to IoT devices such as thermostats, lights and window treatments, property owners can drastically reduce energy costs while improving the guest experience.”

Corserva has extensive experience installing and supporting back-of-house technology solutions for brand name, enterprise hospitality clients. In addition, the company showcases various guestroom technologies that can be integrated in real world settings in its Technology Concept Center, demonstrating how access control systems can provide the trigger to adjust other environmental controls within a room.

“This agreement gives the opportunity for hardware and room controls to come together like never before,” said Smith. “The possibilities are open for designers and specifiers to benefit from our combined ranges of sought after products and features. Hoteliers get quality products with unparalleled after sales care. Finally, guests receive a quality experience with a true ‘wow’ factor.”

Hospitality is a key growth market for Häfele in the United States, Caribbean and around the globe. Smith noted that the company’s product range—from LED lighting solutions, sliding door and builder’s hardware, closet fittings, access control systems and more—will continue to expand to keep current with industry trends as well as define them moving forward.

“Most often, the first technology a guest encounters on site is the lock as they enter their room. Advanced electronic access systems—and all the capabilities they have, such as automatically activating lights and beyond—are perhaps the best, first indicator guests have regarding how well their stay will go,” said Smith. “Getting this technology right is tremendously important as it represents both the first impression of their accommodations and continued peace of mind during the stay for all your guests.”