Grupo Piñero Invests $60M in Bahia Principe Upgrades

MIAMI—Grupo Piñero, Bahia Principe Hotels & Resort’s parent company, has revealed a significant $60-million investment to renovate its Living Resorts division, which includes hotels, residential units and golf courses that operate under the Bahia Principe brand.

“Our strategic approach to renovating our hotels, residences and golf courses will help us surpass guest expectations in a hospitality landscape that is becoming increasingly competitive each year,” said Encarna Piñero, CEO of Grupo Piñero. “In 2020, we will work toward elevating the consumer experience and to maintain our position as a leading all-inclusive brand in Mexico, the Caribbean and Spain.”

The brand has allotted $40 million toward upgrades at Bahia Principe Grand Tulum with renovations that will highlight the new Origin concept, paying homage to the Mayan community by incorporating traditional architecture, textures and materials inspired by the native culture. The revamp will include remodeled villas, Premium Superior rooms and suites for up to four to five guests, as well as a swimming pool featuring Mayan symbolism throughout.

The remaining $20 million will be allocated toward hotel facilities and residential complexes in the Dominican Republic and Mexico, as well as the brand’s golf course in Riviera Maya, which recently entered a partnership with Professional Golfers Association of America (USPGA) to better position the Mexico golf course in the U.S. market.

“This agreement supports our promise to create exciting experiences for our clients and also helps strengthen our commitment to the golf segment and the sport as a whole in the destinations in which we operate,” said Jaime Sitiar, managing director of Bahia Principe Residences & Golf. “As of December 2020, we will be extending this alliance with the USPGA to our facilities in the Dominican Republic.”