Great things come in smaller packages

They say good things come in small packages. Well, perhaps, great things come in smaller packages. Like Hotel Business. Yes, you may have noticed the slight change in dimensions—but you will also notice no change in Hotel Business providing you industry news that matters.

I can’t tell you how many times over the years I’ve been here, I’ve heard readers say, “I love Hotel Business. I always read it on the plane. But I wish it would fit in my briefcase.” Well, wish granted. Last year at this time, we unveiled our new logo and new design, and this year, it’s all presented in a convenient yet chock-full-of-info package. And this issue is robust with industry expertise. Just turn the pages.

There’s a comprehensive report from a recent executive roundtable we held at the Melrose Georgetown Hotel in Washington, DC—beautiful property with outstanding team members—that addresses hotel operations in 2023. Thought leaders gathered to share their insights and expertise as to what the industry this year—and beyond—will look like, and what we can anticipate, in addition to what challenges we will face related to labor and changing brand standards. The panel of industry experts came together to provide projections, predictions and analysis on the next major milestones that will impact hotel operations and profits. And we share it all with you. See page 8.

We also hosted another panel of industry professionals as part of our Hot Topics series, and this one focused on improving your assets and increasing ROI with the right technology infrastructure. Our coverage of this discussion begins on page 12 and presents valuable information about why you should make technology an investment-grade asset; how to make it work for you and not burden you; and what to do to ensure your technology is updated to lower maintenance costs and address future technology. Want to watch the hour-long event in action? We have the complete video for you on

Also, make sure to check out the 2023 Industry Outlook supplement accompanying this issue. This 16-page piece takes a deep dive into the statistics and data driving the hotel industry and brings perspectives from owners in each of the chain scales. Spoiler alert: Despite headwinds such as inflation and labor shortage, there was a lot to be positive about in 2022. And while those issues still linger, and there is threat of a looming recession, industry forecasters predict growth in all metrics.

Thank you to all of our media partners for helping to bring all of this sought-after and much-needed information to our audience.
Lastly, I want to call attention to our cover story. Turning the page of the calendar typically brings with it a fresh start, energetically fueled by inspiration, motivation, drive and determination. Not to mention resolutions.

And it’s these last few words that bring us to our exclusive January cover story about Resolute Road Hospitality, the experienced leader at its helm, and the talented executive team who will set its mission, create its vision and move it forward as a third-party management firm.

With its own identity—something essential to its launch and future growth—this subsidiary of Braintree Group has branched out to become a valuable asset to hotel owners.

On that note, Happy New Year—and here’s to a memorable and remarkable start to 2023.