Gold Tree Hospitality acquires properties; reveals new brand identity

Gold Tree Hospitality (GTH) has unveiled its new look, website and future mobile app, combining its two distinct lifestyle brands under a new cohesive identity. The real estate development and hospitality firm acquires and manages a large scale portfolio of properties across Europe’s major cities under two brands—Stay&Co., design-minded and technology powered serviced apartments, and a new lifestyle aparthotel concept launching in 2023 with signature amenities from food & beverage offerings to laptop-friendly area, and a 2.0 wellness studio.

With the 360-degree rebranding, GTH aims to become one of the lead forces in the serviced apartments and aparthotel industries by catering to different traveler personas with tech-forward guest services, according to the company. New property acquisitions place the GTH footprint in Lisbon, London, Dublin, Basel, Stuttgart, Sydney and Melbourne.

Launched in 2018 and cofounded by Golan Weiss and Moran Machtey, GTH aims to become a top player in the global lodging market through its technologically savvy accommodations and high-caliber guest experience. Following a five-year acquisition plan, GTH has continued expanding this year by adding more than 400 units in five lifestyle aparthotels under development while simultaneously executing a complete redesign of its 200 existing serviced apartments located in London, Lisbon, Sydney and Melbourne. In the next five-to-six years, GTH aims to open more than 10,000 aparthotel rooms and operate more than 3,000 serviced apartments, mainly in Europe’s largest cities. Since its creation, GTH has secured funding to support its growth targets and has invested in more than $235 million (200 million euros) of real estate developments and expansion activity. To help reach its goals, GTH has hired hospitality experts and real estate professionals, some of whom have performed similar roles for high-growth hospitality players like Selina, STAY, Go Native and more.

Each property will be powered by a guest-facing app offering personalized concierge and an on-demand platform for maintenance and self-service features. With simple self-booking and check-in, curated guides by local experts and tastemakers, private chef arrangements, pre-ordered groceries and other options, Stay&Co. prides itself on genuinely personalizing the guest experience.

“The aparthotel and serviced apartments sectors are still in their infancy and are often outdated, non-technological, and non-experiential,” said GTH’s cofounder/CEO Moran Machtey. “The new generation of travelers are independent-minded forward thinkers who pay attention to detail and look for a tailored and seamless guest experience. GTH aspires to make a huge impact on how this target audience consumes the short-to-medium term stay product.”