GoCharge Intros Wireless Charging Furniture

NEW YORK—For guests obsessed with their devices, goCharge is introducing tables that double as wireless charging stations for smartphones.

Established in 2009, goCharge’s mission is to provide “the power to stay connected” through a range of charging solutions and technology. The company’s charging stations are found at conferences, trade shows, concerts, sporting events and music festivals, as well as hospitals, universities, casinos, shopping malls and more.

Powering up devices is free at goCharge’s charging stations.

“GoCharge was founded on the principle that nobody should live in fear of a dead cellphone, and everyone should enjoy being connected at all times,” said David Walke, CEO, goCharge. “From portable, wall-mounted units to large 40-locker kiosks to solar powered stations, our wide range of products are ideal for any type of venue. And we’re constantly introducing new products—wireless charging capabilities for our current stations and our new line of custom wireless charging furniture, such as wireless coffee tables and end tables.”

The company’s charging stations have a variety of cords to accommodate various types of devices, including wireless charging spots for the newer phones. According to Walke, some models charge smartphones at the same rate as a home charger and some have rapid charging capabilities built in.

In terms of standing out among the competition, Walke declared, “No request is too big or too small for us. We provide fast turnaround, 24/7 customer service and customized solutions to meet all needs. But we never rest on our laurels.”

In 2017, goCharge introduced Canvass, a proprietary mobile engagement platform that can provide usage metrics, consumer intelligence, lead generation and ongoing customer engagement through surveys, sweepstakes, ads, app downloads and customized offers. This year, the team rolled out wireless charging capabilities embedded into Dupont Corian surfaces.

“Although all of our charging stations are very attractive and professionally ‘wrapped’ with colorful, eye-catching artwork, our newest line of wireless charging furniture is stunning and can be customized with Corian, Quartz or Formica surfaces in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes,” he said.

The onboarding process for goCharge is straightforward. There are manuals with each charging station, white glove service for setup, and 24/7 customer service available.

“The ROI for hoteliers is client satisfaction, loyalty and potential new business by providing an amenity that is appreciated by virtually any guest or visitor,” he said. “As a marketing strategy, the charging amenity can be combined with Canvass, our proprietary mobile engagement platform, which can capture users’ cellphone numbers, gather market intelligence through surveys, deliver ‘perks’ to frequent guests and more.”

With the advent of Airbnb, VRBO and staycations, hotels have to work harder to attract guests and visitors.

“You want them to feel comfortable and relaxed in your rooms, your restaurants, your lobbies and even at your pool and gym. Cellphones today are people’s lifelines; nobody feels relaxed when their batteries are about to die,” he said. “So charging stations are now more than a nice-to-have; they are a must-have.”