eTip partners with Visa

eTip, a customizable digital tipping solution, has partnered with Visa to offer real-time, on-demand tip payouts to hospitality and service workers.

Though peer-to-peer cash-sharing platforms are used by some, privacy and regulatory concerns mean guests, most of whom are now accustomed to a cashless world, have nothing to give to the person cleaning their rooms, carrying their bags and valeting their cars.

eTip’s secure QR code and NFC-based tipping solution allows guests to tip using their digital wallet or credit card. Once a guest tips for a service, eTip allows the employee to receive the tip in real-time, directly in their bank account. This transfer of funds is supported by Visa Direct, which enables real-time payments to eligible cards.

“eTip makes it possible to simply tip with a tap or scan,” said Nicolas Cassis, CEO, eTip. “Our research shows that staff tend to see an 80% increase in tips when the barriers to tipping are removed through our solution, and a five-time increase in the amount being tipped as well. Visa partnering with us shows their commitment to bringing their industry leadership in cashless payments and real-time tip disbursements to the most vital part of the hospital industry, its people. By combining Visa’s technology and ours, we are revolutionizing the way tipping is done.”

Yanilsa Gonzalez-Ore, SVP, Visa Direct, said, “We are seeing an increase in market demand for a fast, reliable and fully digitized tipping experience for hotel guests and employees in the hospitality industry. eTip now offers a digital tipping solution, enabled by Visa Direct, helping to modernize that process for their guests and employees.”