Easyway launches AI hotel receptionist

Easyway, a generative AI technology provider for hospitality, has unveiled its completely automated guest communication platform, combining GPT-4 and the model that powers the generative AI program of ChatGPT, with its own proprietary AI solution to provide a 24/7 concierge for customers.

With the hotel industry set to surpass pre-pandemic levels of demand, but with 87% still grappling with severe staffing issues, Easyway’s platform eases the burden on a hotel’s workforce and supports business growth, the company reports. Through iMessage, WhatsApp or as a chat widget on the hotel’s own website, Easyway’s AI Agent has direct and constant communication with guests, which allows hotels to provide quick and accurate responses in the guest’s native language, offer personalized recommendations, additional offers or services and manage any queries immediately—from late checkout requests to which wine to pair with your meal. The platform also provides crucial data-driven insights enabling hoteliers to predict customer behavior as well as more efficiently allocate staffing and resources.

The platform already serves thousands of hoteliers in more than 30 countries, and after a prelaunch stage where dozens of hotels had their customer engagement interactions completely transformed, the virtual concierge will be available across all locations in more than 100 languages.

“For the vast majority of guests, a personalized approach is integral for a satisfying hotel experience—with research indicating that guests would even opt for hotels over short-term rentals if their personal needs were met,” said Roy Friedman, cofounder/CEO, Easyway. “There is immense potential for reimagining the traditional hotel model and attracting new customers—and this is our mission at Easyway. Our user-friendly, generative AI-powered platform empowers hotels to seamlessly cater to guests’ specific needs, providing experiences that drive high satisfaction levels, while leveraging actionable business insights to optimize operations. This dual benefit of unparalleled service for guests, alongside unlocking valuable efficiencies for hotels, really is the gold standard for hospitality, and we are proud to see our technology deployed by hotels of all sizes, from SMEs to some of the world’s largest hospitality brands.”

Regis Morin, commercial director, Criterion Hospitality Group, which has used the platform, added, “Prior to implementing Easyway’s solution, our staff were wrestling with over 100 daily messages, which, alongside their other responsibilities, resulted in delays and impaired responses. Easyway’s generative AI agent resolves queries in an impressively personable and precise way, so guests still receive the high standard of customer care expected, while our staff are left to focus on other priority tasks. This level of service is second to none, and represents the future of the hospitality sector.”

Sir David Michels, co-owner/chairman, Michels & Taylor and former CEO of the Hilton Group, added, “Amid a massive global shortage of labor for hotels, especially in the Western world, the kind of technology Easyway has developed—where the platform ensures customer queries are answered quickly and in the native tongue of the enquirer—offers a life raft to the industry. By automating guest management in such a sophisticated way, Easyway offers a demonstrable benefit to both hotel operators and their customers.”

The platform instantly connects hotels and resorts with guests in more than 100 languages, enabling two-way immediate translation. Whether guests need to communicate dietary restrictions, request specific room cleaning times, report maintenance issues, conduct routine processes like check-in or checkout, or make special arrangements for travel and local bookings, the platform provides a solution for inquiries, reservations, payments and feedback, the company reports.

“The most impressive aspect of Easyway’s technology is the quality of the AI, and how its responses are so natural,” said David Omland, corporate operations manager, Penta Hotels. “We were slightly reticent at first about how guests would take to it, but time after time they had absolutely no problem interacting with the platform, and this removed a huge burden from our staff. Easyway’s solution has real potential to be both the catalyst for solving workforce deficiencies, while also revitalizing a hotel’s multiple revenue streams.”