Customization & convenience

Just keeping up with the trends simply isn’t enough anymore, especially when it comes to hotel design. Design needs to keep guests, engaged and “wowed.” And now, design doesn’t just need to be creative and innovative; it needs to be convenient for designers. Marrying all of these elements may seem daunting, but Spacekit may have just what hoteliers and designers need.

Spacekit is a fully customizable product that can seemingly “do it all,” according to Rob Barber, VP, Modular Systems + R&D divisions. It’s a self-contained framing system, which contains no-hassle hardware hung with Command Strips from 3M for no-wall-damage installation. The system can also be hung with screws for permanent installation of the textured art panels.

“The art system is perfect to help hospitality developers and designers welcome back travelers and create a one-of-a-kind guest experience,” Barber said.

Headquartered in Lititz, PA, Spacekit designs and manufactures modular, customizable wall art made from sustainable materials with a zero-waste, made-to-order manufacturing process.

“Travel is once again a priority for Americans as pandemic requirements ease,” Barber said. “Boutique hotels and international hospitality brands alike are looking for ways to change up their look and invite travelers into their establishments with refreshed interiors and unique ideas. From lobbies to hallways to guestrooms, artwork is becoming an increasingly important part of the guest experience, however, the question of both keeping artwork protected yet inviting guests to personally experience and interact with it is a challenge and balancing act. Spacekit allows both.”

Spacekit is both eco-friendly and easy to maintain made with ACRE, a 100% tree-free wood alternative composed of upcycled rice hulls free of phenol, formaldehyde and adhesives. And, Spacekit can provide an array of panels in different sizes, colors and designs, making it the perfect choice for hotels wanting to keep their walls fresh and inviting.

“The Spacekit system’s snap-and-go design invites guests to share their creativity by removing and moving panels to create an ever-changing, original work of art,” Barber said. “A permanent mounting option is also available to guarantee the Spacekit design is tamper-resistant.”

Additionally, Spacekit offers a trade program with a range of benefits for hospitality designers and architects including professional discounts, dedicated concierge service, customization and design assistance, according to Barber.

“Spacekit’s framing system contains self-leveling guides making it an easy-to-install design facelift and provides a cost-effective way to change out patterns seasonally,” he said.