Boutique Hotel Owners Conference returns in October

The 12th iteration of the Boutique Hotel Owners Conference by BLLA, which brings together industry experts, hotel owners, managers, investors and stakeholders in the boutique hotel sector, will be held Oct. 11-12 at the Westlake Village Inn in Westlake Village, CA.

This conference serves as a platform for sharing insights, discussing trends and addressing challenges within boutique hospitality. With a focus on innovation, sustainability and guest experience, the conference covers a wide range of topics that are crucial for the success of boutique hotel owners in today’s competitive landscape.

A few of the topics to be covered during the two-day conference include Top Issues Boutique Hotel Owners Face Today; Evening Out the Playing Field: Hotel Tech Focus on AI; Building a Regenerative Hospitality Business; Boutique Hotel Development: Creating Unique Hospitality Gems; Functional Wellness and What This Means for Hotels; and more.

Workshops will include interactive participation and insight into today’s most opportunistic subject matter for the boutique hotel marketplace. See more about this conference here including registration, the agenda overview, facilitators, sponsors, and background.