Beyond Green’s Lindsey Ueberroth talks andBeyond partnership

After Beyond Green, a global portfolio of some of the world’s most sustainable hotels, resorts and lodges, revealed its extended partnership with andBeyond and its properties, Hotel Business spoke with Lindsey Ueberroth, Beyond Green’s CEO, to find out more about the partnership and why sustainability is so important to the company.

Why did you decide to enter into the partnership with andBeyond?
We decided to enter into a strategic partnership with andBeyond because of their renowned dedication to sustainable tourism practices and their exceptional portfolio of properties. In 2021, when four distinguished andBeyond properties became founding members of Beyond Green, including andBeyond Vira Vira, andBeyond Bateleur Camp, andBeyond Sossusvlei Desert Lodge and andBeyond Mnemba Island, it signaled a shared commitment to environmental stewardship and community engagement. Since then, our collaboration has grown, marked by milestones such as the launch of our Plan Your Trip platform, which simplifies the booking process for sustainable vacations. The decision to expand our partnership this year, adding 23 new andBeyond properties to our portfolio over the next 12 months, further solidifies our alignment in promoting sustainable travel experiences while extending our reach to new destinations and communities.

How does andBeyond’s values match those of Beyond Green?
andBeyond has been leading the way in community-based conservation, wildlife protection and environmental stewardship since 1991, which fits perfectly with Beyond Green’s mission of representing accommodations that demonstrate leadership across the three key pillars of sustainable tourism: Nature, Culture and Community. We have a shared commitment to upholding high standards of sustainability, while providing travelers with exceptional experiences that prioritize environmental responsibility. Above all, we believe that travel can be a transformational force for good and dedicate ourselves to driving positive change within the travel industry.

You launched Beyond Green in 2021. Why was it important for you to launch a collection of hotels with sustainability at its heart?
We launched Beyond Green in 2021 with the understanding that sustainability is not a fleeting trend but a movement that our individual travel choices directly impact. And one that is critical for the tourism industry to continue to embrace to not only survive, but thrive in the long run. Today’s travelers are mindful and aware of this concept, seeking a compassionate approach to explore our planet and make connections. Alongside our member properties, we aim to simplify this process, enabling travelers to feel assured that they have a positive impact on the places they visit while they indulge in memorable travel experiences.

How do hotels become certified to be a part of Beyond Green?
To be considered for membership, properties are subject to a rigorous vetting process based upon global sustainable tourism standards and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, each under the three key pillars of sustainable tourism: environmentally friendly practices that go beyond the basics; support for the protection of cultural and natural heritage; and direct and tangible social and economic benefits to local communities. To become a member of Beyond Green, an initial property application and assessment takes place to determine if a hotel, resort or lodge meets the brand’s baseline criteria; a process requiring details on how a property is engaged with sustainable tourism best practices. The last stage of the vetting process includes an onsite property inspection completed by a third-party certified inspector, comprising a review of what Beyond Green has defined as the 54 most important global sustainable tourism criteria that a property must be actively engaged in implementing.