Bed Bugs Don’t Need Beds to Cause Havoc

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As a hotelier, have you ever experienced the annoyance of bed bugs showing up at the worst possible moment? Bed bugs have a sixth sense for striking when the stakes are the highest. Whether you’re hosting a large convention, reserving a block of rooms for a wedding or ramping up for a hectic summer season, bed bugs have a knack for making their presence known when it’s least convenient.

This knack for disruption is true in many industries. Last month a bed bug infestation forced MSNBC’s “Rachel Maddow Show” to move studios during coverage of the Super Tuesday elections. Super Tuesday coverage is a big ratings day for news programs much in the way that certain holidays or events draw higher occupancy in hospitality. Bed bugs can cause massive disruption even in spaces without beds, so make sure your common areas and lobby spaces are periodically inspected. A hotel guest can unknowingly transfer bed bugs to sofas or couches in your lobby, and since bed bugs can travel 50 feet per day, it doesn’t take long for them to find an open surface.

It is easy enough for a television network to move their production to a different studio space. Moving upset guests from room to room in the aftermath of a bed bug infestation, however, is much more damaging. Offices and other workplaces do not hold the same promise of safety and comfort as a hotel. The bed is supposed to be a sanctuary and the presence of bed bugs shatters that image. Hoteliers must be proactive in protecting their beds and their guests to avoid the negative perception and media coverage that comes with bed bugs.

The best tool for proactive bed bug prevention is an active mattress liner, installed on the box spring or mattress. ActiveGuard is the foremost active mattress liner in hospitality because it works around the clock for two full years to keep bed bugs from infesting your beds. They are also discreet and do not affect the comfort or aesthetics of the mattress. These liners do not disrupt your hotel’s staff’s operating efficiencies while simultaneously providing the best coverage available, which provides both hotel guests and staff peace of mind.

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