Base4 Designs Modular Spaces for COVID-19 Medical Needs

CORAL SPRINGS, FL—Base4, an architecture, engineering and interior design firm, is exploring how to design prefabricated spaces to fulfill immediate, medium and long-term needs that may arise from the coronavirus pandemic. Collaborating with healthcare professionals, modular manufacturers and developers, the company has designed emergency screening centers; triage isolation facilities; temporary ICU centers; and testing centers with drive-through service.

Base4 also has experience in redesigning existing structures, such as motels and other exterior entrance properties, which could meet the need in providing temporary structures. As an example, an Ecolodge in Washington state is already housing patients with COVID-19 and providing shelter and care.

Base4’s expertise in hotel redesigns and history of working with the largest hotel chains in the world gives it the ability to transform an existing hotel into a temporary medical facility.

Considering the critical need, numerous regulatory agencies at the federal, state and local levels are beginning to waive certain procedures to expedite the helping process. In fact, some states have already issued the Certificate of Need in order to add beds quickly to unused areas of current hospital facilities. Other states have given hospital leaders authority to place beds in hallways or other spaces to ensure care to the growing patient lineup.

Other solutions come from the private sector, where cutting-edge modular construction methods have been suggested. Members of the Modular Building Institute (MBI) have advocated the usefulness of modular to problem-solve the lack of hospital space. They’ve discuss modular’s ability to go up quickly to create temporary medical clinics and spaces to add medical teams and beds.

“Base4 is working in conjunction with the MBI. Together, we are committed to addressing this crisis head-on through a larger effort,” said MBI executive director Tom Hardiman.