Away Together, Celitech partner

Away Together, a mobile application that brings all components of the travel industry together on one platform, has entered into a partnership with Celitech, an eSIM platform company focused on helping businesses offer affordable connectivity for travelers.

“The second you touch down and your phone connects to a foreign tower, the exorbitant fees begin with your cellular provider,” said Al Fares, CEO, Celitech. “Celitech offers better data service at a much lower cost. We have been in talks with the Away Together executive management for a while now and we’re excited to partner with them, to make mobile data more accessible and more affordable.”

Celitech will provide low-cost data packages to travelers, to allow them connectivity while away. It also allows travelers to use the Away Together application, which then allows the hotel to communicate with the guest; the guest to communicate with the other guests; and access to the greater location.

John Beuchert, COO, Away Together, added, “We are striving to bring connectivity directly to the traveler, and this partnership with Celitech helps us do just that. This partnership is very organic and provides exceptional service to the consumer. Away Together fulfills the demand for communication and Celitech fills the void of the data and connectivity at a fraction of the cost when compared to roaming fees or current international mobile phone plans.”