Automate linen inventory and reduce loss

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Over the last 18 months, labor shortages have created a challenge for hoteliers.  Specifically, hotel linen inventory management has become costly.  Manual stock counting requires employees to spend time and effort, and purchasing replacement inventory can be expensive.

One of the hospitality industry’s leading business expenses stems from large amounts of lost linen. Guest theft of linen products and their disappearance through laundry systems contribute to an average of 15% lost linen each month.

The Miami-based tech-hospitality company, SMARTLINEN®, provides a revolutionary answer to this problem. SMARTLINEN® hotel partners manage their inventories seamlessly and cost-effectively simply by purchasing SMARTLINEN® products. With the help of the SMARTLINEN® tracking solution, hotel partners reduced their monthly losses to under 5%, and decreased their overall purchases by 20% due to improved inventory management.

The SMARTLINEN® system continuously monitors all linen products and their current locations, providing useful data to pinpoint where certain items are frequently lost. By purchasing SMARTLINEN® RFID-enabled products, hotels will better manage stock controls and laundry processes through real-time tracking.  As items circulate through the life cycle, item theft and other problems related to inventory management become easier to identify and rectify.

SMARTLINEN® products include collections of sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, and several designs of room and pool towels. Hotel companies like Marriott, Hilton, Fairmont, Hyatt, Kimpton, and Wyndham have taken notice and are currently benefiting from SMARTLINEN®.

“The SMARTLINEN® automated inventory process will save your property money today,” says William Serbin, SMARTLINEN® President/CEO. “SMARTLINEN® will become an additional member of your housekeeping team and our products enable housekeeping staff more time to attend to guest requests and ensure room cleanliness.”

For more information regarding the innovative RFID-tracking technology and the complete product range, please visit or Booth 2418 at HITEC Orlando (June 27-30).