At Pullman, a New State of Well-Being

SAN FRANCISCO—A fresh start can be a catalyst for positive change. Pullman Hotels & Resorts plans to be a force for change with the launch of its new well-being program in North America.

Designed by wellness coach Sarah Hoey, the program is built on the pillars of sleep, food, sport and spa.

“Accessible wellness is one of the key pillars of our wellness philosophy, ensuring each aspect of the four Pullman brand pillars are addressed for our guests and clients,” said Hoey. “Learning new approaches is critical and staying on the cutting edge of wellness trends, concepts and research will allow clients and guests to feel their best regardless of location or environment.”

For Aldina Duarte Ramos, director of well-being, Pullman Hotels & Resorts, selecting Hoey to be the brand’s wellness coach and launch the program is due to Hoey’s strong background in health and fitness.

“Sarah has been designing and teaching fitness and yoga classes and she is passionate about sharing her skills and knowledge,” said Ramos. “Her holistic take on fitness and love for teaching made her the perfect candidate to become our wellness coach. Sarah is committed, generous, passionate and wants to share her vision of accessible wellness. Sarah has been an anchor in the Southern Californian fitness and wellness community. Her development of programming stemming from Fitness America, core power yoga and Southern California health and wellness community is an integral asset to staying in the now regarding wellness trends and being wellness leaders within the luxury hospitality sector. We are grateful and proud to have such a partner. She is part of Pullman family now.”

Hoey, a native Californian, is excited about the opportunity to explore the hospitality industry on behalf of Pullman Hotels and Resorts.

“I embraced the challenges of developing a fitness development project within California, as developing wellness programs from a sustainable/organic perspective is synonymous with Pullman and the San Francisco ethos,” she said. “Growing as a trainer for a decade has meant developing a brand that demands sustainable growth patterns which can be adapted to current trends. The ethos of both Pullman Hotels and Resorts and my brand are aligned to grow with and organically adapt to the needs of the guest. As a wellness professional, it is imperative to stay current and be leaders within the luxury wellness industry.”

Pullman’s four brand pillars empowers guests to guide their own wellness experience. Available for guests is Sarah Hoey’s Active Breakfast, encompassing the fundamentals of age, defense, energy, balance and detox; facial and body treatments at a local spa; a series of seven-minute videos, yoga or fitness routines developed by Sarah; access to DREEM technology to help enhance sleep quality; and a short guide to gentle stretching to relieve tension from the day.

“As we know that wellness is a personal experience and people have different definitions of wellness, we aim to guide the experience with offerings that support their needs. Eat, sleep, sport, and spa are not a definition, but a foundation to draw from based on personal needs,” said Hoey.

Ramos added, “Ensuring widespread well-being is at the heart of Pullman San Francisco’s wellness philosophy, helping travelers maintain a healthy routine or kick start new, healthy habits in the guest room, at the gym, or outdoors. Our wellness program is accessible to everyone and can be incorporated into guests routines while traveling to create more energy, better rest and a more enjoyable journey.”

Following San Francisco, the program will be rolled out in Paris, Bangkok, Phuket, Auckland and London. It will continue to expand around the world with the goal of one hotel per region, and then one per country. To expand the program’s offerings further, Hoey will later lead masterclasses at participating hotels across the network.

“Regardless of age, environment or occupation, guests require wellness as part of their travel experience,” said Ramos. “The Pullman Wellness tour has built in years of growth for wellness by developing new trends and enhancing the guest experience with sustainable and innovative concepts that fit within the current with market trends. The investment in a wellness coach furthers our dedication to the brand’s wellness experience for our guests now and in the future.”