Adara Releases COVID-19 Resource Center for Travel Brands

LONDON—Adara, a travel data co-op and provider of traveler intelligence, has revealed the new COVID-19 Coronavirus Resource Center for travel brands. The Adara Travel Trends Tracker taps into real-time travel data to easily access travel-related consumer behavior and identify key trends. The anonymized data from more than 270 travel data co-op partners is designed to help travel marketers activate the most informed marketing strategies based on current consumer travel activities.

“Over the years, I’ve worked shoulder to shoulder with many of the marketing executives now striving to navigate the effects of COVID-19. Adara is dedicated to providing consumer-level intelligence in order to make the best decisions in an extremely uncertain environment,” said Carolyn Corda, CMO at Adara. “We will continue to provide insights to support travelers and the companies that serve them.”

Adara’s Travel Trends Tracker indicates that travel behaviors follow different patterns across leisure and business, family and solo, and domestic and international destinations. As such, it’s important for brands to closely watch changing patterns as they determine their path forward during the progression of COVID-19 worldwide.

Adara analyzed anonymized behavior of travelers on air and hotel bookings for 2020 year to date, to surface trends on booking volume, booking windows and trip purpose. Adara will continue to utilize real-time data to update these findings. Note that the data has a slightly higher representation of leisure and unmanaged business travelers.

The findings included the following:

  • Flights originating in EMEA with a U.S. destination skyrocketed almost 250% in the 24 hours following the March 11 travel ban.
  • Flights booked for family leisure (three-plus travelers) were up 25% the week beginning March 5 compared to the week starting Jan 2, 2020, with a particular uptick in flights purchased 90 days in advance.
  • Flights booked for business travel were down 30% the week beginning March 5 compared to the week starting Jan 2, 2020.
  • Hotels booked for leisure were down 15% for solo and couple travelers and down 5% for family (three-plus) travelers the week beginning March 5 compared to the week starting Jan 2, 2020.
  • Hotel bookings for leisure travel with shorter departure horizons (<15 days) are flat in 2020, with declines in bookings with longer time horizons.