Actabl sees record growth six months after launch

Actabl, the hospitality software company that enables hotels to drive profit through actionable insights, has experienced unprecedented growth just six months after its launch.

Actabl brands include ProfitSword’s AI-powered business intelligence technology; Hotel Effectiveness’ complete labor optimization software; ALICE’s hotel operations management platform; and Transcendent’s advanced asset management and CapEx platform.

“Actabl empowers the people that power hospitality,” said Robert Ryan, president/COO. “By bringing together these incredible brands, we’ve built a platform that takes data and turns it into insights for operators with a clear ‘playbook’ for hoteliers to follow. Today’s hoteliers are facing new pressures and new economic headwinds. We enable them with above-property cross-portfolio visibility and on-property guidance so the optimal decisions can be made.”

New industry partnerships
Actabl has partnered with Dimension Hospitality to activate both ProfitSword and Hotel Effectiveness by Actabl to enable data-driven decision-making and deliver labor optimization solutions to its 80 hotels across the U.S. “We’re excited to enter into this partnership utilizing Actabl solutions to increase cross-organization collaboration and transparency while growing performance,” said Stephen Edwards, CFO, Dimension Hospitality.

“As a long-term customer of Hotel Effectiveness by Actabl, they have truly been able to help us optimize our labor, and we are excited to be growing with Actabl and activating ProfitSword,” said Kerry Ranson, CEO, HP Hotels. “We look forward to working with ProfitSword to assist us further by eliminating the need for multiple fragmented software systems for each department and streamlining our forecasting and budgeting process. Hotel Effectiveness’ smart labor solutions allow us to maximize our available staff and optimize our labor costs.”

Additionally, Actabl continued to grow as a partner through the end of 2022 with several new U.S.-based management companies, driving profits for several hundred new hotels, from extended-stay through luxury.

Innovation and optimization
With a focus on innovation, Actabl’s mission is to be a real-time advisor on key metrics like contract labor. Its labor solutions enable management teams to directly compare and contrast the cost and productivity of contract labor with full-time employees. Given that contract labor now makes up north of 20% total labor costs for many properties, this capability is critical to maximizing profitability. By providing side-by-side insights on both contract and direct labor costs, Actabl empowers managers to approach labor costs proactively, not reactively, according to the company.

Industry recognition
In the past six months, Actabl has been recognized by the hospitality industry as the go-to, trusted partner for hotel operators when they think about profitability. Actabl was recently awarded eight HotelTechAwards, including first place for Labor Management Software and Concierge Software. Actabl is also a partner of the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) and will be sharing insights on how to maximize profit through the organization’s On the Road Series with hoteliers across the U.S.