Actabl integrates four hotel technology platforms

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At HITEC Orlando, ASG, a portfolio company of Alpine Investors, introduced Actabl, the industry’s first and only integrated platform for hotel operational efficiency, labor management, profitability maximization and enhanced guest satisfaction.

Actabl’s integrations, operations and labor management tools, and business intelligence solutions combine to create a cohesive platform that better serves hotel management teams, according to the company. Hoteliers will benefit from a feedback loop that creates a living playbook for addressing a wide range of hotel business and operational needs. Actabl’s comprehensive suite of technology solutions includes:

  • ProfitSword by Actabl: For hoteliers seeking detailed insight into business performance, the ProfitSword by Actabl business intelligence solution provides both an accurate and real-time representation of organizational health, allowing hoteliers to make informed yet swift decisions. Powered by advanced AI, ProfitSword is the advanced BI tool today’s hoteliers need to uncover opportunities or risks to organizational growth.
  • Hotel Effectiveness by Actabl: Using this comprehensive yet easy-to-use solution, hospitality professionals improve operating profit margins, eliminate labor waste and maximize team productivity. Hotel Effectiveness by Actabl is a labor-management platform that offers immediate ways to address staffing volatility and fluctuating guest demand so that hotel management companies can maximize profits.
  • ALICE by Actabl: As a leading hospitality operations management suite, ALICE by Actabl provides hotel staff with the most advanced and broad set of tools across front-of-house, housekeeping and service delivery for maintaining maximum task efficiency and swift guest request response times.
  • Transcendent by Actabl: Representing a leading enterprise management software, Transcendent by Actabl ensures that today’s hotel teams can do more with less while minimizing labor costs and increasing the longevity of property assets.

Actabl’s suite of advanced solutions provides unmatched insights into hotel operations, combined with powerful, intuitive tools to act on those insights, break down interdepartmental barriers and improve both operational efficiency and the bottom line, according to the company. This powerful toolset can be leveraged to enhance efficiencies and profitability at the individual, team, property and portfolio levels.

Commenting on what’s next for the newly unified organizations under the Actabl brand, CEO Steven Moore told Hotel Business, “With the combined strength of the leading-edge solutions under the Actabl umbrella, our plan is to continue to grow the platform by leveraging the decades of hospitality experience and sector-specific expertise that these award-winning brands represent. The resulting Actabl solution will ensure that our customers—at and above property—have all the tools they need to make smart, data-backed decisions and take the precise actions needed to succeed in real-time, given the market conditions around them. As we look towards the future, Actabl will deliver the first-ever comprehensive and simple-to-use modular operations toolset, cutting across business intelligence, labor management and operational efficiency that maximizes profits for hoteliers.”