Aclaimant Launches COVID-19 Response Module

CHICAGO—Aclaimant has launched a COVID-19 Response Module.

The new module brings together the company’s technology and mission to ensure a safe workplace with a platform designed to give organizations tools to document and respond to COVID-19-related workplace incidents and provide best practices for prevention. Access to Aclaimant’s basic module is offered for free through March 31, 2021, to any U.S.-based organization that signs up by June 15, 2020.

“At Aclaimant, we’re committed to helping our customers create an environment where every worker can feel confident that their employer is actively protecting their health and safety amid the current COVID-19 crisis,” said David Wald, CEO, Aclaimant. “We feel that it is our duty to support the journey back to work, and to help companies keep their employees safe during and after this pandemic. Creating a solution for everyone that leverages the power of technology to ensure every customer, contractor and third-party who enters a business feels protected is our investment back into the world to help everyone during these challenging times.”

The COVID-19 Response Module will provide organizations with the following features and benefits:

  • Incident reports for documentation and contract tracing—The module provides a templated incident report to document symptomatic employees at the workplace, including identifying required follow-up actions and contact tracing of individuals who have interacted with a symptomatic employee.
  • Safety checklists—Two templated safety checklists provide organizations with a site inspection based on best practices in prevention and an observational behavior form based on current workplace recommendations.
  • Analytics dashboard—To keep a pulse on how the business is doing amid changing protocol, the module provides an analytics dashboard to allow organizations to better visualize trends and occurrences while staying compliant with state and federal recommendations and best practices.
  • Digitized notes and files—Employers and employees are able to record all notes and files in one place to correctly document incidents in order to find a solution as fast as possible.
  • Access to Aclaimant’s Webinar Series—Aclaimant’s informational webinar series provides insight from experts in workers’ compensation, risk management and technology to help all companies become smarter about risk during and post-pandemic.
  • Unlimited users—Aclaimant’s module does not limit the number of users to provide all parties in the organization the ability to document and respond to a COVID-19-related workplace incident in a streamlined and digitized way.