Accessibility, Efficiency Are Critical for Charging Solutions

GERMANTOWN, WI—Any traveler nowadays can tell you how important it is to have a place to charge their electronic devices.

Hoteliers are on the lookout for ways to offer their guests that ability to charge the devices in a way that fits in with the style and design of their properties without being too conspicuous.

“A hotel, whether a new property or renovation, struggles with spatial issues,” said John Dudash, CEO, Raffel Systems, a global producer of electronic controls for furniture, cinema seating, bedding and industrial processes. “The design of any property will always be challenged by a finite footprint and brand-driven structure. To make matters more complicated, the need for multiple points of charging ports or power supplies for the multitude of devices that accompany virtually every guest, throughout the property, is daunting. And the demand for accessibility convenience grows each year.”

Raffel Systems’ Drain Free Tranquilcharge Technology is standard on a variety of its control panels that include a USB port. With Tranquilcharge Technology, USB ports don’t consume any power until a device is plugged in. This saves money by reducing energy consumption, which is especially important in the hospitality industry since it aims to be environmentally conscious. In addition, devices charge significantly faster in USB ports utilizing Tranquilcharge Technology, according to the company.

What does this energy savings mean for hotels? “Only the hotels could answer this question directly and quantifiably, but all one has to do is go to New York, Las Vegas or any other large metropolitan area and see the power that the hotels consume each day and night to ‘keep the lights on!’” he said. “Along with staff, utilities in general must be one of the highest cost centers in a hotel.”