A Tech Transformation at W London – Leicester Square

LONDON—The W London – Leicester Square received a multimillion-dollar high-tech makeover of its 192 guestrooms and suites, adding in immersive guest experiences.

“W Hotels always wants what is new/next for our guests. As part of the W brand’s mission to fuel our guests’ lust for life, the hotel’s daring renovation shatters the traditional concept of luxury, through its provocative new look paired with innovative in-room technology and boundary-breaking design partners,” said Anthony Ingham, global brand leader, W Hotels Worldwide.

Plugged into the pulse of London’s energetic social scene, W London – Leicester Square is where louder-than-life Soho mixes with the glitzy West End.

“W has always been at the forefront of innovation, and London is bold, contemporary and dynamic, the perfect location to pilot the brand’s merging of the latest technologies in hospitality and the music industry,” said Ingham. “W London is offering our guests the ultimate in-room innovations and showing off in our newly renovated public spaces.”

The property has had a significant infusion of innovative technology with the addition of DigiValet technology in an effort to provide the best possible experience for guests.

“With our infusion of innovative technology, guests can completely personalize the settings of their room, from the mood of the music from W Records that plays throughout their room, to their desired lighting and temperature settings,” he said. “Allowing guests to have full control of their stay with just a touch of a screen alleviates stress they may have from their travels and allows them to fully immerse themselves in the urban playground and cultural hub of their surroundings.”

The property touts major collaboration with fashion visionary Jack Irving, whose daring and futuristic designs perfectly aligns with W London – Leicester Square.

“Much like W in the hospitality industry, Jack takes fashion design and turns it on its head, creating avant-garde and daring looks we love,” said Ingham. “We wanted W London – Leicester Square to offer immersive in-room experiences for a custom stay and allow guests to play with the merging of design and technology, like with Irving’s ‘Techorative’ pillow designs featured in each guestroom. The spiked pillows appear muted to the naked eye until they are brought to life through the click of a camera flash. Additionally, guests can also enjoy Irving’s take on culinary and beverage delights designed specifically for W London- Leicester Square by the fashion designer, including the ‘Blood Orange Smash,’ a Negroni twist served with hammer to reveal the cocktail and the ‘Capsule Collection,’ immersive B+F experiences.”

From the ever-evolving programming at The Perception Bar, to the celebrity therapists at the Away spa, W London – Leicester Square is sophisticated and quirky, glamourous and decadent and crystalizes the quintessential dual personality of the British soul, according to the brand.

To add to the creative look and feel, other partnerships were forged with likeminded artists such as Concrete, Krause Architects, Kobalt and Olivia Dawn. 

“We always look for partners who share our passion for the local scene and can bring their own style to the collaborative process,” Ingham said. “Our in-house brand design team drives all of our design projects from a method that routes each element of the hotel in the culture, history and future of each destination. When we choose design partners, we believe they are able to embrace that context in a unique and inspiring way to create an aesthetic and environment that is unique to the W lens.”