A man with “Vision”

While at The Lodging Conference in Phoenix last month—which, by the way, was a great event with a record-strong showing—I mentioned to an industry colleague that the subject of our upcoming issue (this issue) would be a profile of Vision Hospitality Group’s Mitch Patel, and the reply was, “I can’t think of a better or more deserving person for this than Mitch.” And we agree.

The CEO’s story is not so unlike many others’ stories in the hotel industry—you know, how they started out young in a family-run business and worked their way up to lead the C-suite—but what makes this story special is this executive’s level of passion for the industry he loves so very much. And how he has taken that passion, infused it with vision, promise and leadership by example, to create a company that his parents, his children, his employees and his guests have celebrated not just for the past 25 years, but will celebrate far into the future. Make sure to read about his journey, starting on page 14.

And, speaking of the recent conference in Phoenix, we’re featuring coverage of The Lodging Conference in this issue, reporting on the topics everyone is talking about, and ones that industry professionals addressed on stage. The story begins on page 8.

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