A Culture of Giving Back at Myer Hotels

BRANSON, MO—Giving back is part of the culture at Myer Hotels, based here. One of the many organizations the company supports is Christian Action Ministries, a local nonprofit dedicated to helping people who are less fortunate.

“It is important for people to have basic things like food, which Christian Action Ministries provides, as this helps them to become more productive members of society,” said Chris Myer, VP of marketing at Myer Hotels. “Christian Action Ministries is well-known in the community for their food bank and efforts in the community. Over time, we have connected with them in doing this project.”

Myer Hotel’s goal was to better its best. The team sought to beat each year’s past amounts, both in food and monetary donations. “We have succeeded,” said Myer. “Over the last three years, our company has donated over 2,400 pounds of food and grocery items.”

With a little friendly competition, everyone wins. It also helped to mobilize volunteers to participate in the volunteerism project. In addition, at each hotel property, the managers would put up flyers and place boxes in the team member areas and also behind the front desk to encourage staff members participate.

“In the past, this program was spearheaded by one of the assistant general managers along with the head housekeeper at one of our hotels. We want to encourage people to participate, but we don’t want to force them to get involved. We have found that competition among hotels is a good thing,” said Myer. “In essence, it helps the results to be better, as people have the mentality of wanting to win. Using that philosophy, it creates a win-win situation. It is also fun to recognize the winning hotel at the end of the competition.”

In hospitality, there’s an attitude of service and a focus on the needs of others. At Myer Hotels, the philanthropic culture is going strong. According to Myer, it enables them to become more aware of what needs exist within their community.

“It is always a blessing to be able to bless others through our company’s efforts. Our company is able to participate in a variety of things to help give back to the community. We participate in Relay for Life each year to raise funds for the American Cancer Society, as cancer affects so many different families and, at times, staff. This event allows numerous people to rally behind and encourage others,” he said.

“We also sponsor a night volunteering for Loaves and Fishes, a winter program for people who need help with meals during the off-season. As a company, we tend to be more low-key in our philanthropic approach,” Myer said, noting that the company doesn’t broadcast its efforts for recognition.