Off the wall

These wallcoverings take their designs from a variety of inspirations—from the landscapes of New Mexico to the streets of Brooklyn, NY.

Unwind, Designtex’s new textured wallcovering (shown above), uses wound string in a clever concentric design to give the illusion of rattan. It is available in four color options and ships carbon neutral.

“We were inspired by traditional making practices such as woven baskets and hand-hewn carvings,” said Karen Gelardi, principal designer, Designtex. “Historically these time-consuming crafts were difficult to reproduce mechanically and therefore not accessible to use as surface materials in commercial applications. These techniques are associated with tradition, care, time, warmth, tactility and gathering. We were excited to see how digital production techniques could blend industrial and traditional crafts.”


Laguna is the newest addition to Wolf-Gordon’s Origins collection of patterns inspired by artifacts housed in the Museum of New Mexico. The addition marks the company’s ongoing collaboration with the Museum, which started in 2007 and has led to the development of more than 20 wallcovering patterns.

The wallcovering explores the majesty and allure of New Mexico’s dramatic, weathered landscape. “Laguna was inspired by textiles from the Museum of New Mexico, which include serapes and wool blankets,” said Michael Loughlin, design director, Wolf-Gordon. “The pattern’s large-scale striations and soft color palette were inspired by New Mexico’s dramatic landscape of banded rock formations, specifically the Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National park.”

Brushwick is among the six vibrant patterns in the Koroseal x Stacy Garcia | New York wallcovering collection. Inspired by a neighborhood teeming with inspiration, Brushwick pays homage to the ever-evolving and extraordinary worldwide artist collective in Brooklyn, NY. The design translates the sweeping brushstrokes and textural elements of paint applied to urban walls to create an expressive and striking statement wallcovering. The design is featured in eight colorways: Prussian Blue, Alabaster, Sandstone, Mica, Zinc, Terre Verte, Clay and Graphite.

“[Bushwick] is a thriving community that has an amazing art scene—the neighborhood is covered in beautiful murals and inspiring street art,” said Stacy Garcia, founder/CEO, Stacy Garcia | New York. “When designing this pattern, I was inspired by the large, overscale brushstrokes and the texture that you would see from the art on the sides of Bushwick’s concrete buildings. These urban walls make an expressive and striking wallcovering design that’s a perfect fit for our new collection.”

Emily Daws Textiles has launched its new wallpaper collection, Waterways. The collection includes six new designs that mirror the movement, rhythm and organic patterns of different waterways and the elements that create them.

“Soft, monochromatic, color stories flow throughout the line featuring tonal blues and sea glass greens,” said Daws. “From the ultramarine of deep water to the turquoise found in shallow pools, I was inspired by the spectrum of color seen in the varying depths of coastal waters. Abstract details of River Reef and Estuary mimic crushed shells with our take on an oyster terrazzo, while our Harbor design focuses on the movement of choppy waters.”