Partner with us in the new year

Happy New Year! I don’t know about you, but here at Hotel Business, 2024 arrived and we hit the ground running. As we, you and our entire industry strategize and execute plans for this year, we hope (we know!) you’ll find value in our 2024 Industry Outlook—a 16-page piece accompanying this issue. We bring you projections, forecasts and data to prepare you for this year, with insights and analysis from industry experts, as well as thoughts on each of the chain- scale segments. Between this supplement and the recently released 2024 Green Book, Hotel Business gives you the resources and tools to help you face the challenges of—and see the opportunities in—the new year.

And speaking of planning for a strong and successful 2024, I wanted to make you aware of—or perhaps, remind you of—partnership opportunities that offer thought-leadership content, which is something we all crave. Hotel Business would love to collaborate with you and your company to offer perspectives and information on topics that touch and affect our industry, and ones that showcase your knowledge. Email me at; I’d love to walk you through the many and varied opportunities we can explore together.

Here’s just a sampling (below)—but we’re a creative, nimble and informed team that is always willing to develop new products and offerings. There’s no limit to our imagination—or yours!

Sponsored content. Align your company with topical industry content that informs and engages the digital reader. Positions include placement in the front page and category sections of, and sponsored-content campaigns include news posts to keep the content fresh and extend your exposure. Sponsored-content posts are permanently accessible in the archives.

Custom-topic newsletter. Work with the editorial team to create a custom-topic newsletter. Is your company aligned with health & wellness? Technology? Food & beverage operations/products? Sustainability? Something else? Let’s get the industry the information they need from an expert like you.

Exclusive roundtable events. This in-person networking opportunity is combined with digital and print coverage to generate extensive exposure for roundtable hosts and sponsors. The intimate educational and networking events are held nationally throughout the year and bring together top-level executives as a single-focus group, or a mix of disciplines and experts—owners, operators, lenders, asset managers, brokers, purchasers, designers, brands, etc. Let us help you create your own custom roundtable.

Hot Topics. Create dialogue in this virtual forum with our exclusive, tailored series. Help up develop a high-level discussion, moderated by Glenn Haussman, founder/host, No Vacancy Live Podcast, and join a group of your peers for a deep-dive discussion. A video of the discussion lives on and coverage of the event appears in print and online.

I hope I’ve intrigued you. Here’s to helping us all make 2024 remarkable!