HAMA new board of directors

Hospitality Asset Managers Association (HAMA) has named its new board of directors for 2022.

“2022 looks to be an interesting and exciting year for asset management and HAMA, and I’m particularly pleased to begin my term with this very dynamic board,” said Matthew Arrants, HAMA’s newly appointed president. “My main goals are to grow our organization to include a larger, more diverse membership and become a stronger voice for ownership within the industry. Working with the board, I hope to make HAMA a greater advocate for hoteliers by identifying and focusing on causes that are important to all owners and asset managers. This includes building on our relationship with the AHLA and promoting diversity within the organization. Perhaps most importantly, I will promote and celebrate our entire membership, particularly our board members, as exemplars of what hotel asset management has to offer and what benefits they bring to the table.”

Appointed at the group’s semi-annual conference, the new members are:

  • Matthew Arrants, The Arrants Company, CHAM—president
  • Derrick Yee, WhyHotel, CHAM—VP
  • Sarah Gulla, Pebblebrook Hotel Trust, CHAM—education chair
  • Chad Sorensen, CHMWarnick, CHAM— membership chair
  • Kerry Gaber, Host Hotels & Resorts— treasurer
  • Justin Epps, BARINGS—marketing chair
  • Elizabeth Lloyd, Ashford Hospitality Trust—industry chair
  • David Danieli, Pebblebrook Hotel Trust—international chair
  • Larry Trabulsi, CHMWarnick, CHAM— 2021 president
  • Dina Winder, Highgate—at-large board member
  • Carly Thorp, McWhinney—at-large board member

A 30-plus year hospitality veteran, Arrants is principal at The Arrants Company, a hotel asset management and investment firm. An active member of the HAMA organization since 2012, he holds the CHAM (Certified Hotel Asset Manager) designation, the only advanced certification available to accomplished hotel asset management professionals. Prior to founding his company, he served in multiple, increasingly important positions at Pinnacle Advisory Group, culminating in EVP. Previously, he served in management roles at Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts and the Lodge at Koele.

“I’m fortunate to be supported by a very strong board that includes industry leaders including WhyHotel VP Derrick Yee from Whyhotels, Pebblebrook Hotel Trust SVP Sarah Gulla as education chair and CHMWarnick COO Chad Sorensen as secretary,” he added. “These individuals all have a keen understanding of the industry writ large and asset management in particular. Working with them, I hope to help further ownership’s interests within the industry and promote the important role that hotel asset managers play.”