With This App, Temporary Hotel Staffing Is at Your Fingertips

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NATIONAL REPORT—Dealing with low staffing issues can be a real headache, and finding a skilled temp to fill a last-minute no-show for a shift is an even bigger challenge for hospitality venues. Hospitality-related businesses can spend hours calling around to find a replacement in a pinch.

Cristian Longo, CEO at Link Hospitality and Head of Growth at PRACE, has a solution to resolve these concerns—Let us now introduce you to PRACE app is a platform that allows employees seeking extra shifts to connect with hospitality employers in need of short-term staffing on demand.

PRACE was conceived in the Czech Republic and the word means “work.” “At PRACE, we create the connection between contractors looking to make additional income and businesses looking for reliable temporary labor,”said Longo. “Furthermore, applicants are verified, and hoteliers can make staffing selections based on the applicant’s rating and experience.

Cristian Longo, CEO at Link Hospitality and Head of Growth at PRACE
Cristian Longo, CEO at Link Hospitality and Head of Growth at PRACE

Here are some tips that can help you:

·        Combat high turnover rates by selecting willing and able talent that has been pre-screened, ensuring the right fit and match for the role.
·        Time is of the essence when filling vacant hospitality jobs. Automate the process of hiring temporary staff within the business to guarantee that shifts are covered when needed—even at the last minute.
·        Control staffing costs by deciding in advance how much you’re willing to pay temporary workers for the vacant roles.

With over 20 years of experience in the Hospitality Industry, Longo is working with a roster of major hotel brands and individual properties. “We are proud to be working among the best hospitality companies in the world such as Marriott International, SWIRE Properties, SBE, Intercontinental Resorts, Hilton Hotels & Resorts and many more”. By climbing the corporate ladder and growing expertise, Longo knows one thing for sure: “Team work is critical to business success.” With a passion for hospitality, Longo wants to help teams flourish and train them tirelessly to perform at their best capacity.

PRACE is an impactful solution in the hospitality industry,” Longo added. “Many hotels and restaurants are in a constant search for temporary labor in their areas. Our technology allows local businesses to find employees willing to work temporary jobs on the spot and without hassle.”

PRACE is revolutionizing the staffing industry. Watch out for the expansion in your metropolitan area.

Click here to download the app and visit the website to learn more about the opportunities available.