With Bed Bug Infestations Rising, Here’s a Quick Prevention Plan

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This article from Yahoo discusses the recent rise in bed bug infestations in hotels across the United States. The article suggests that the increase in travel post-pandemic has led to more bed bugs being introduced into hotels. Bed bug infestations are lightning rods for lawsuits, negative media attention and poor reviews on booking sites. There is a very high psychological and emotional impact that bed bugs have on your guests.

Fortunately, there are several proactive steps that hoteliers can adopt to protect their hotels from incoming bed bugs. This includes informal hotel room inspections conducted by staff; formal inspections conducted by your pest control provider; and using active mattresses liners to prevent hitchhiking bugs from multiplying resulting in infestations with tumultuous consequences.

Informal bed bug inspections can be conducted by a designated staff member during a predetermined downtime when inspections can occur discretely. Alternatively, housekeeping staff can be trained to conduct these impromptu inspections during linen exchange and room turnover.

There are several locations that should always be checked during an informal inspection. The first and most obvious location is the entire bed and accompanying bedding. Check the mattress, box spring and bed frame for any bugs or small dark stains that signal their activity. Next inspect the headboard, nightstands and dressers for any bugs or evidence of infestation. After you finished checking all the furniture, check along the edges of any carpets or rugs for any signs of bed bugs, including baseboard molding around the perimeter of the room. If possible, make sure to check any outlets, light switches, picture frames and any other items on your walls. Always use a flashlight to help you spot any bugs, evidence of activity or an infestation.

What happens if a few bed bugs manage to escape detection during either formal pest control or informal inspections? Remember that bed bugs are small and can be hard to spot, so it is possible to miss a few signs. Installing an active mattress liner on your box spring or mattress will stop a missed bed bug from developing into a full-blown infestation. Active mattress liners stop introduced bed bugs from laying their eggs.

The unrivaled leader in this product field is ActiveGuard®. These liners are the only field-proven way to prevent hitchhiking bed bugs from multiplying quickly in a short window of time. It works continuously 24/7 for two years, with no maintenance required, and it can be installed by your own housekeeping staff as easily as a fitted sheet.

Bed bugs are an unfortunate reality in hospitality that are not disappearing anytime soon. Protect your guest, staff and hotel from an infestation with ActiveGuard, the leaders in prevention!

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