Why choose hospitality TVs?

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Hospitality TVs provide the best and most secure experience. When you choose hospitality TVs for your hotel, you’re getting a product with specialized features that consumer TVs just can’t offer. Hospitality TVs are designed to be on for the majority of the day, they have lock-out capabilities so a guest can’t change settings, and programming can flow to every room from a single source, plus much more.

Hospitality TVs come embedded with Pro:Idiom® and/or DRM technology to ensure secure deployment of content across multiple rooms. They are also designed to be used for up to 16 hours a day, with some panels able to run 24/7.

Lockable features prevent guests from tampering with the TV rear panel, menu display and more. Another popular feature is volume limiter, which prevents guests from causing any disturbances.

Hospitality TVs can include the ability to wipe personal information on smart apps upon checkout, and often feature anti-theft and anti-tipping solutions. They also typically come with standard two-year warranties, with an option to purchase extended coverage.

Displaying content on your hospitality TVs
Quality, dependable in-room entertainment is crucial to the guest experience. Hospitality TVs can easily handle complex video distribution systems in hotels, creating stable video streaming signals while preserving a high-resolution picture.

When your content flows to hundreds of TVs from one central location, the result is a much simpler set-up process, easier remote troubleshooting and cost savings from not having to buy set-top boxes for every room. In addition, TV settings can be locked, so your guests get the optimal viewing experience each time.

Our TV partnerships are a strength
We’ll delight your guests with the latest tech. We partner closely with Samsung and LG to provide you with the hospitality TVs that are right for you and your guests. Our account managers can tell you more about the special offers we have.

Whether it’s outfitting hundreds of rooms with hospitality TVs or creating an IT solution for your entire hotel, Best Buy Business is here to be your technology partner. Your dedicated account manager will help you choose the right products, and your project manager and Geek Squad agents will provide a seamless, turnkey installation that won’t disturb your guests.

Our team will see your project through to completion.

Your hospitality account manager
You’ll work with a professional who exclusively supports the hospitality field and who will be dedicated to your account. They have deep knowledge of large-scale TV refreshes and the outfitting of new hotels with the latest tech. They’ll get to know all aspects of your property and will detail the products you need and the projects to be completed. Once installation begins, they’ll work with Best Buy project managers to make sure your project goes smoothly and that you receive daily updates and customized reporting.

Your hospitality project manager
For many hospitality projects, a project manager will coordinate everything from order delivery to final installation. They are an expert in the field and will closely partner with you to ensure that things stay on track and on time. They strive to provide a seamless, stress-free experience for you and your guests by managing all aspects of the on-site work. This ensures that we complete the job quickly with virtually no impact to your staff or the guest experience.

Benefits of Best Buy Business for your hospitality projects

  • Work with a dedicated hospitality account manager and project manager
  • Choose the latest hospitality TVs from major brands
  • We offer a huge selection of commercial products for all areas of your hotel
  • We’ll be there every step of the way for complex projects
  • Our team provides nationwide turnkey installation and ongoing support
  • We’ll haul away and responsibly recycle your old TVs

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