Web Exclusive: Houston hotel adds new air-cleaning tech

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 virus is still with us, and with new strains of the virus proving more dangerous, we will need to continue to be vigilant in keeping spaces clean. Hotels are looking at new technologies to kill viruses and do just that.

The InterContinental Houston-Medical Center has implemented new FDA-approved technology to help protect guests, visitors and staff by providing cleaner indoor air with the use of the Integrated Viral Protection (IVP) technology, The InterContinental becomes the first hotel in the U.S. to provide indoor air that is 99.99% clear of viruses, including flu, cold and COVID-19, and pathogens and allergens, according to IVP. This has allowed the hotel to remain open during the pandemic.

“It was necessary to provide our guests with the cleanest environment possible during the peak of pandemic, and it is still a big factor today,” said Doug Kelly with the hotel. “This technology allows our guests some peace of mind, not just for COVID, but also for better air quality.”

It was especially important for this hotel to offer this technology. “Being located in the Texas Medical Center, many of our guests are patients with suppressed immune systems or have a higher standard of cleanliness due to their conditions,” he said. “We want to ensure their needs are met and they feel safe while they are here. Additionally, clean air is a factor for many companies as corporate world returns to meetings and business travel. This product gives us a leg up on other hotels to exceed all expectations.”

The technology was actually invented by the hotel’s owner, Monzer Hourani, founder/CEO of Medistar. “We first heard of the invention as Monzer was finalizing the product, and it was launched in our hotel in September 2020,” said Kelly. “He also won the Engineering News Record award this year for this invention.”

According to IVP Technology’s COO, Brian Patek, the device uses a standard HEPA filter and an added layer of metal mesh. Electricity applied to metal mesh creating thermal heat that cooks or kills aerosolized virus or bacteria in every single pass of air through the filter.

“This will be the cleanest freshest air ever used inside and indoor space,” he said. “As hotels have been challenged to the core during the pandemic, the hotels using IVP air systems can promise their customers to have the cleanest virus- and bacteria-free air with every single pass of air that runs through our filters.”

While the filters are currently only in the public spaces of the hotel, they will soon be launching travel-sized units in their hotel rooms.